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1. The beginning of the ecclesiastical New Year. Forty Virgin-martyrs and Ammon the deacon; Venerable Simeon the Stylite and his mother Martha; Venerable Euanthia; Righteous Joshua, son of Nun; Meletios the New of Greece; Venerable Nicholas of Crete; New-martyr Angelis of Constantinople.

2. Martyr Mamas and his parents, Martyrs Theodotos and Rufina; John the Faster, patriarch of Constantinople.

3 Hieromartyr Anthimos of Nicomedia; Martyr Chariton; Newmartyr Polydoros of Cyprus; Venerable Theoktistos, fellow-faster with Euthymios the Great; Phoebe the deaconess; uncovering of the relics of Nektarios of Pentapolis, the wonder-worker; Ioanikios I, patriarch of Serbia.

4. Hieromartyr Babylas of Antioch; Prophet Moses the God-seer; Martyrs Jerusalem, Sekendos, Sekendios and Kegouros in Aleppo; Martyr Hermione, daughter of the Apostle Philip the deacon; uncovering of the relics of Joasaph, bishop of Belgorod; Venerable Anthimos the New; New-hieromartyr Gorazd, bishop of Bohemia and Moravia-Silesia.

5. Prophet Zachariah and Elizabeth, parents of the Forerunner; Obadiah, bishop of Persia ; martyrdom of the Holy Passion-bearer Gleb.

6. The commemoration of the miracle of the Archangel Michael in Colossae; Martyrs Eudoxios, Andronikos and Kalodote.

7. Martyr Sozon of Cilicia ; Apostles Euodos and Onesiphoros of he Seventy; New-martyr Athanasios; John, archbishop of Novgorod ; Venerable Kassiane; Venerable Cloud of Nogent-sur-Seine.

8. The Nativity of the Theotokos.

9. The holy and righteous ancestors of God, Joachim and Anna; Great-martyr Severian of Sebaste; the fathers of the Third Ecumenical Council; Venerable Joseph of Volotsk; uncovering of the relics of Theodosios, archbishop of Chernigov.

10. Martyrs Menodora, Metrodora and Nymphodora; Empress Pulcheria.

11. Venerable Theodora of Alexandria; Euphrosynos the Cook; Martyrs Demetrios and Euanthia; translation of the relics of Venerable Sergios and Herman of Valaam.

12. Hieromartyrs Autonomos of Italy and Coronatos of Iconium; Martyr Okeanos; Venerable Daniel.

13. The commemoration of the founding of the church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem; Hieromartyr Cornelios the centurion; Martyr Aristeidos; Venerable Hierotheos the Younger of Iviron monastery on Athos; Great-martyr Ketevan, queen of Georgia; Six Martyrs at Tomi in Romania.

14. The Elevation of the precious and life-giving Cross. Repose of John Chrysostom, archbishop of Constantinople ; Venerable-martyr Makarios the New of Thessalonika; Venerable-martyr Joseph of Dionysiou monastery on Athos.

15. Great-martyr Nikita the Goth; Martyr Porphyrios; Vissarion, bishop of Larisa; New-martyr John; Venerable Philotheos and Gerasimos; Joseph the New of Partos, the wonder-worker, metropolitan of Timisoara.

16. Great-martyr Euphemia the all-praised; Martin the bishop; Newmartyrs Isaac and Joseph of Georgia; Martyr Ludmilla, grandmother of Wenceslaus prince of the Czechs; Venerable Prokopios of Sazava in Bohemia.

17. Martyrs Sophia and her daughters Faith, Love and Hope; Hieromartyr Herakleidos of Cyprus; Martyr Agathokleia; Venerable Anastasios and Euxiphios.

18. Eumenios the wonder-worker, bishop of Gortyna; Martyr Ariadne of Phrygia.

19. Martyrs Trophimos, Dorymedon, Savvatios and Susanna; Hieromartyr Januarios of Benevento and his companions; Theodore, prince of Smolensk, and his sons David and Constantine, wonder workers of Yaroslav; Theodore of Tarsus, archbishop of Canterbury.

20. Great-martyr Eustathios and his family; Venerable-martyr Hilarion of St. Anne Skete on Athos; Venerable John of Crete; Martyrs Michael, prince of Chernigov, and his councilor Theodore.

21. Apostle Quadratos of the Seventy; Prophet Jonah; uncovering of the relics of Demetrios, bishop of Rostov .

22. Hieromartyr Phocas of Sinope the wonder-worker; New-martyrs Isaac and Martin; Twenty-six Venerable-martyrs of Zographou monastery on Athos; Venerable Cosmas the Bulgarian of Zographou monastery on Athos.

23. The Conception of the Forerunner; Martyr Raidos; New-martyrs Nicholas and John; Venerable Xanthippa and Polyxena of Spain.

24. Proto-martyr Thekla, equal-to-the-Apostles; the commemoration of the wonder-working icon of the Theotokos of the Myrtle Tree; New-mart Ahmed; Venerable Nicander of Pskov; Venerable Silouan of Athos; the synaxis of all saints of Alaska.

25. Venerable Euphrosyne of Alexandria; Venerable-martyr Paphnoutios and those with him; repose of Venerable Sergios of Radonezh; translation of the relics of Herman, archbishop of Kazan.

26. The repose of the Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian.

27. Martyr Kallistratos; the Apostles Aristarchos, Zenon and Mark of the Seventy; New-martyr Aquilina; Venerable Ignatios, abbot in Asia Minor; Venerable Savvatios of Solovky.

28. Venerable Chariton the confessor, abbot of Palestine; Venerable Neophytos and Auxentios; Martyr Heliodoros; Prophet Baruch; Martyr Wenceslaus, prince of the Czechs.

29. Venerable Kyriakos the hermit of Palestine; Martyr Petronia; Venerable-martyrs Malachi and those with him.

30. Hieromartyr Gregory, bishop and enlightener of Greater Armenia; Martyrs Rhipsime and Gaiana and companions of Armenia; Michael, first metropolitan of Kiev; Venerable Gregory of Pelshma River.