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1. Prophet Nahum; Venerable Philaretos the merciful of Amnia; Martyr Ananias the Persian; Theoklitos, archbishop of Lakedaimonias.

2. Prophet Habakkuk; Martyrs Abibos the New and Myrope of Chios; Venerable Theophilos and Andrew of Egypt; Urosh, Serbian king; Venerable loanikios of Devitch.

3. Prophet Zephaniah (Sophonios); Martyrs Agapios and Seleukos; New-martyr Angelis of Chios; Venerable Theodoulos of Constantinople; Hieromartyr Gabriel, patriarch of Constantinople; Venerable Cosmas of St. Anne skete on Athos; Venerable Sabbas of Zvenigorod, disciple of Sergios of Radonezh.

4. Great-martyr Barbara of Heliopolis in Syria; Venerable John of Damascus; Martyr Juliana; New-hieromartyr Seraphim, bishop of Phanar in Greece.

5. Venerable Sabbas the Sanctified; Martyr Diogenes; Venerable Nektarios of lagri Kelli and Philotheos of Karyes on Athos; Venerablemartyr's from the kellia of Karyes on Athos; Gurios, missionary bishop of Kazan; Venerable Nektarios of Bitolj.

6. Nicholas the wonder-worker, archbishop of Myra in Lycia; Newmartyr Nicholas of Karamania in Asia Minor.

7. Ambrose, bishop of Milan; Martyr Athenodoros of Mesopotamia; Venerable Gregory, founder of Gregoriou monastery on Athos; Venerable Gerasimos; Venerable Anthony of Sia and Neilos of Stolb Island; Venerable Philothea of Thrace.

8. Venerable Patapios of Thebes; Sophronios, bishop of Cyprus; Apostles Sosthenes, Apollos, Crispos, Caesar and Epaphroditos of the Seventy; Martyr Parthenios.

9. The Conception of the Theotokos by Righteous Anna.

10. Martyrs Menas, Hermogenes and Eugraphos of Alexandria; Venerable Thomas of Bithynia; Joasaph, bishop of Belgorod; Angelina of Albania, mother of Blessed John, king of Serbia.

11-17 Sunday of the Holy Forefathers of Christ.

11. Venerable Daniel the Stylite, Luke the New Stylite, Nomon and Leontios; Martyr Barsabbas of Persia.

12. Spyridon the wonder-worker, bishop of Trimythous; John, metro- politan of Zichnon.

13. Martyrs Eustratios, Auxentios, Eugene, Mardarios, and Orestes at Sebaste; Virgin-martyr Lucia of Syracuse; Hieromartyr Gabriel, patriarch of Serbia; repose of Venerable Herman of Alaska, wonder-worker of America.

14. Martyrs Thyrsos, Leukios and Kallinikos of Apollonia; Martyrs Philemon, Apollonios, Hypatios and Arrianos of Alexandria.

15. Hieromartyr Eleutherios, bishop of Illyria, and his mother, Martyr Anthia; Venerable Paul of Latra; Stephen, bishop-confessor of Surozh; Venerable Tryphon of Pechenga.

16. Prophet Haggai; Theophania the empress; Hieromartyr Modestos, archbishop of Jerusalem.

17. Prophet Daniel; The Three Holy Youths: Ananias, Azarias and Misael; Dionysios of Zakynthos, the wonder-worker; Avvakum the deacon.

18-24 Sunday before the Nativity of Christ (The Holy Fathers).

18. Martyrs Sebastian and Zoe of Rome, and those with them.

19. Martyrs Boniface and Areos of Cilicia; Martyrs Eutychios and Thessalonika; Venerable Aglaida the Roman; Boniface of Ferentino.

20. Hieromartyr Ignatios the God-bearer, bishop of Antioch; Newmartyr John of Thasos; Daniel II of Serbia.

21. Virgin-martyr Juliana of Nicomedia; Martyr Themistokles of Myra in Lycia; Peter, metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia.

22. Great-martyr Anastasia and her teacher the Martyr Chrysogonos.

23. Ten martyrs of Crete; New-martyr Nicholas; Venerable Nahum of Ochrid, enlightener of the Bulgarians.

24. Venerable-martyr Eugenia of Rome and those with her, Martyrs Achaikos and Basillia; New-martyr Ahmed of Constantinople.

25. The Nativity in the flesh of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

26-31 Sunday following the Nativity of Christ (commemoration of Joseph the Betrothed, David the Prophet and King, and James the brother of the Lord).

26. The synaxis of the Theotokos; Euthymios the Confessor, bishop of Sardis; Hieromartyr Constantios the Russian of the Great Lavra on Athos.

27. Proto-martyr Stephen the archdeacon; Venerable-confessor Theodore the Branded.

28. The twenty thousand martyrs of Nicomedia; Hieromartyr Glykerion; Venerable Simon the myrrh-streaming, founder of Simonopetra monastery on Athos.

29. The fourteen thousand infants slain by Herod in Bethlehem; George, bishop of Nicomedia; Venerable Markellos of the monastery of the "Unsleeping Ones"; commemoration of all Orthodox Christians who died from hunger, thirst, the sword and freezing.

30. Virgin-martyr Anysia of Thessalonika; Martyr Philetairos of Nicomedia; Venerable Leon; Venerable-martyr Gideon of Karakallou monastery on Athos; Makarios, Metropolitan of Moscow.

31. Venerable Melania the Younger of Rome; Hieromartyr Zotikos the friend of orphans; Venerable Theophylact of Ochrid.