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1. The Circumcision in the flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ. Basil the Great, archbishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia; New-martyr Peter of the Peloponnesos.

2. Sylvester, pope of Rome; Cosmas, archbishop of Constantinople; Hieromartyr Theogenes of Parium; Martyrs Sergios and Theopistos; New-martyr Zorzis; Venerable Theodote and Neilos; Repose of Venerable Seraphim of Sarov; Righteous Juliana the Merciful, of Lazarevsk.

3. Martyr Gordios of Cappadocia; Prophet Malachi; Venerable Thomaidos; Venerable Genevieve of Paris.

4. The synaxis of the Seventy Holy Apostles; Venerable Theoktistos of Sicily; Venerable-martyrs Euthymios and his twelve companions of Vatopedi monastery on Athos; Venerable-martyr Onouphrios the deacon of Hilandar monastery on Athos; Eustathios, archbishop of Serbia.

5. Martyrs Theopemptos the bishop of Nicomedia and Theonas; Venerable Syncletica of Alexandria; Venerable-martyr Romanos of Athos.

6. The Theophany of our Lord Jesus Christ. Venerable Makarios Makris of Vatopedi monastery on Athos and Pantocratoros monastery in Constantinople.

7. The synaxis of the honorable, glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John; Julian the deacon; Hieromartyr Romanos; Newmartyr Athanasios of Attalia; Venerable Brannock of Braunton.

8. Venerable George the Chozebite; Venerable Agathonos of Egypt; Venerable Domnica of Constantinople and Venerable Makarios; Emilianos the Confessor, bishop of Kyzikos; Martyr Theophilos the deacon of Libya; Cyros and Atticos, patriarchs of Constantinople; New-martyr Kyran; Venerable Gregory of the Kiev Caves.

9. Martyr Polyeuktos of Armenia; Venerable Eustratios the wonderworker; New-martyr Parthenas; Philip, metropolitan of Moscow.

10. Gregory, bishop of Nyssa; Marcian the priest of Constantinople; Dometian, bishop of Melitene; Venerable Paul of Obnora; Bishop Theophan the Recluse.

11. Theodosios the Great, the head of monasteries in Palestine;Venerable Theodosios of Philotheou monastery on Athos; Venerable Agapios of Apamea in Syria; Venerable Michael of Klops, fool-for-Christ.

12. Martyr Tatiana of Rome and those with her; Virgin-martyr Euthasia; Martyr Mertios of Mauretania; repose of Venerable Sabbas of Hilandar monastery on Athos, first archbishop of Serbia .2

13. Martyrs Hermylos and Stratonikos of Belgrade; Martyrs Pachomios and Papyrinos of Greece; Venerable Maximos Kafsokalyvitis of Athos; Venerable Eleazar of Anzersk Island; Hilary, bishop of Poitiers.

14. The holy fathers slain at Sinai and Raithu; Virgin-martyr Agnes; Venerable Theodoulos and Neilos of Sinai; Nina, equal-to-the-Apostles and enlightener of Georgia.

15. Venerable Paul of Thebes and John the hut-dweller; Venerablemartyr Pansophios of Alexandria; Venerable Gabriel of Lesnovo.

16. The veneration of the precious chains of the Apostle Peter; Peusippos and Neonilla, and the martyrs of Cappadocia; Hieromartyr Damaskinos of Hilandar monastery on Athos; Honoratos, archbishop of Arles and founder of Lerins Monastery; Romil of Ravanica.

17. Venerable Anthony the Great; Anthony the New, ascetic of Berrea in Macedonia; New-martyr George of Ioannina.

18. Athanasios and Cyril, patriarchs of Alexandria; Martyr Theodoulis; Maximos, Serbian despot.

19. Venerable Makarios the Great; Arsenios, bishop of Kerkyra; Venerable Mark Eugenikos, metropolitan of Ephesos, pillar of Orthodoxy.

20. Venerable Eutymios the Great; New-martyr Zachariah of Morea.

21. Venerable Maximos the Confessor, Zosimos and Neophytos; Virgin-martyr Agnes of Rome; Venerable Maxim the Greek.

22. Apostle Timothy; Venerable-martyr Anastasios the Persian; Veneable Joseph the Sanctified of Crete.

23. Hieromartyr Clement, bishop of Ancyra; Martyr Agathangelos; Paulinos, bishop of Nola.

24. Hieromartyr Babylas of Sicily; Venerable Xenia the merciful of Rome; Venerable Philonos, bishop of Karpason; Venerable Neophytos the recluse of Cyprus; Venerable Dionysios of Olympos, abbot of Philotheou monastery on Athos; Venerable Philotheos, founder of Philotheou monastery on Athos; Hieromartyr Felician, bishop of Foligno in Umbria, Italy; Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg, fool-for-Christ.

25. Gregory the Theologian, archbishop of Constantinople; Venerable Demetrios; New-martyr Auxentios of Constantinople.

26. Venerable Xenophon, his wife, Mary, and their two sons, Arkadios and John, of Constantinople; translation of the relics of Venerable Theodore the Studite.

27. The translation of the relics of John Chrysostom; Marciana the empress; New-martyr Demetrios of Constantinople; Venerable Clement.

28. Venerable Ephraim the Syrian; Venerable Palladios of Antioch; Martyr Charita; Venerable Theodosios of Totma; Isaac the Syrian, bishop of Nineveh.

29. The translation of the relics of Ignatios the God-bearer of Antioch; New-martyr Demetrios of Chios.

30. The three great hierarchs and ecumenical teachers, Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom; Hieromartyr Hippolytos, pope of Rome; Virgin-martyr Chrissa of Rome; New-martyr Theodore of Mitylene; Julian, priest of Aegina.

31. Unmercenaries Cyros and John; Martyrs Athanasia of Egypt and her daughters Theodota, Theoktiste and Eudoxia; Martyr Papias of Corinth; New-martyr Elias; Nikita of the Kiev Caves, bishop of Novgorod.

2 The Church of Serbia commemorates the repose of Venerable Sabbas (Sava) on January 14.