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1. Venerable-martyr Eudokia of Heliopolis; Venerable Domnina of Syria; Martyrs Markellos and Anthony of Pamphylia; Venerable Agapios of Vatopedi monastery on Athos; Venerable David of Wales, bishop of Menevia.

2. Theodotos, bishop of Cyrenia; Martyr Hesychios the Senator; Virgin-martyr Euthalia of Sicily; Arsenios, bishop of Tver.

3. Martyrs Eutropios, Kleonikos, and Basilikos of Amasea; Hieromartyr Theodoretos of Antioch.

4. Venerable Gerasimos of the Jordan; Gregory, bishop of Constantios in Cyprus; Martyrs Paul and Juliana of Syria; Daniel, prince of Moscow, the wonder-worker.

5. Hieromartyr Konon of Isauria; Martyrs Archelaos and his 152 companions in Egypt; New-martyr John the Bulgarian.

6. The 42 martyrs of Amoria in Phrygia; discovery of the precious cross and nails by St. Helena; Venerable Fridolin, enlightener of the Upper Rhine.

7. The Hieromartyrs of Cherson: Basil, Ephraim, Eugene, Kapiton, Elpidios, Agathodoros and Aetherios; Venerable Laurence; Venerable Paul the Simple, disciple of Venerable Anthony the Great.

8. Theophylaktos, bishop of Nicomedia; Apostle Hermas of the Seventy.

9. The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste.

10. Kodratos of Corinth and his five companions; Anastasia the patrician of Alexandria; New-martyr Michael of Thessalonika.

11. Sophronios, patriarch of Jerusalem; Martyrs Thallos and Trophimos; Venerable George of Sinai; Theodora the empress; repose of Euthymios, bishop of Novgorod.

12. Venerable Theophanes the Confessor of Sigriane; Gregory the Dialogist, pope of Rome; Venerable Simeon the New Theologian; Righteous Phineas.

13. The translation of the relics of Nikephoros, patriarch of Constantinople; Poplias and Marios the bishops.

14. Venerable Benedict of Nursia; Euschemenos, bishop of Lampsakos.

15. Martyr Agapios of Palestine and those with him; Apostle Aristoboulos of the Seventy, first bishop of Britain; New-martyrs Manuel of Crete and Parthenios.

16. Martyr Sabinos of Egypt; Venerable Christodoulos the wonderworker of Patmos.

17. Venerable Alexios the 'Man of God;' Theosteriktos the Confessor; Patrick, bishop of Armagh and enlightener of Ireland; Venerable Makarios of Kalyazin.

18. Cyril, patriarch of Jerusalem; Martyrs Trophymos and Eukarpos of Nicomedia and those with them; Nikolai (Velimirovic), bishop of Zica in Serbia.

19. Martyrs Chrysanthos, Daria, Jason, Mauros and Diodoros of Rome; Martyr Pancharios of Nicomedia; New-martyr Demetrios of Constantinople; Venerable Innocent of Komel.

20. The holy fathers slain at the monastery of Mar Sabbas; Newmartyr Myron of Crete.

21. Venerable-confessor James the New, bishop of Catania; Thomas, patriarch of Constantinople; New-martyr Michael.

22. Hieromartyr Basil of Ancyra; Martyr Kallinika of Rome; Venerable-martyr Euthymios of Prodromou Skete on Athos.

23. Venerable-martyr Nikon of Sicily and with him 199 disciples; Venerable-martyr Luke of St. Anne Skete on Athos.

24. Venerable Zachariah the recluse and Artemon, bishop of Seleucia; New-hieromartyr Parthenios, patriarch of Constantinople.

25. The Annunciation of the Theotokos.

26. The synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel; Stephen the Confessor.

27. Martyr Matrona of Thessalonika; Martyrs Philetos and Lydia; Paul, bishop of Corinth; Venerable Euthychios.

28. Venerable Hilarion the New; Apostle Herodion of the Seventy; Venerable Stephen of Triglia.

29. Mark, bishop of Arethusa; Martyr Cyril the deacon of Heliopolis; Martyrs Jonah and Barachisios; Eustathios the Confessor, bishop of Bithynia.

30. Venerable John of Sinai, author of 'The Ladder;' New-hieromartyr Zachariah, bishop of Corinth; Sophronios, bishop of Irkutsk.

31. Hypatios the wonder-worker, bishop of Gangra; Venerable Akakios the Confessor, bishop of Melitene; Prophet Joel; repose of Innocent, metropolitan of Moscow, enlightener of the Aleuts and apostle to America; repose of Jonah, metropolitan of Moscow.