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1. Unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian, martyrs in Rome; Newmartyr Constantine; translation of the relics of Venerable John of Rila from Tmovo to Rila.

2. The commemoration of the placing of the Robe of the Theotokos in Blachernae. Juvenaly, archbishop of Jerusalem; the Newmartyrs of Samothrace; repose of Job, first patriarch of Moscow .

3. Martyrs Hyacinth and Theodota of Caesarea in Cappadocia; Anatolios, patriarch of Constantinople; Venerable-martyr Gerasimos the New of Carpenision; Venerable Joachim; translation of the relics of Philip the wonder-worker, metropolitan of Moscow; Venerable Nikodemos of Kozhe Lake.

4. Andrew, bishop of Crete , author of the Great Canon; Martyrs Theodore of Cyrene and Lucia; Venerable Andrew Rublev.

5. Venerable Athanasios the Athonite, founder of the Great Lavra on Athos; Venerable hieromartyr Cyprian of St. George kelli on Athos; Venerable Lampados of Irenoupolis; the synaxis of the 23 martyrs of Lesvos; uncovering of the relics of Venerable Sergios the wonder-worker of Radonezh.

6. Venerable Sisoes the Great; Apostles Archippos, Philemon and Onesimos of the Seventy; Martyrs Lucia, Epimachos and Alexander; Venerable-martyr Cyril.

7. Great-martyr Kyriaki of Nicomedia; Hieromartyr Evangelos, bishop of Tomi (Constanta) in Romania; New-martyr Polycarp; Venerable Thomas of Mt. Maleon; Eudokia, princess of Moscow.

8. Great-martyr Prokopios of Caesarea in Palestine; New-martyrs Theophanes and Anastasios of Constantinople; Venerable Theophilos the myrrh-streaming of St. Basil kelli on Athos; Prokopios of Ustug, fool-for-Christ.

9. Hieromartyr Pankratios, bishop of Taormina in Sicily; Methodios, bishop; New-martyr Michael; Venerable Photios; Venerable Dionysios the Orator, first settler of Small St. Anne skete on Athos, and his disciple Venerable Metrophanes.

10. The 45 martyrs at Nikopolis in Armenia; Venerable Anthony of the Kiev Caves; Venerable-martyrs Nikodemos the Albanian and Nektarios of the St. Anne skete on Athos; Hieromartyr Joseph the Damascene and his companions.

11. Great-martyr Euphemia the all-praised; Olga (Helen), princess of Kiev.

12. Martyrs Proklos and Hilarion of Ancyra; Veronica, the woman with the issue of blood who was healed by our Lord.

13-19 Sunday of the fathers of the first six Ecumenical Councils.

13. The synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel. Venerable Stephen of Mar Sabbas monastery and Heliophotos; Martyr Golinduch.

14. Apostle Aquila of the Seventy; Joseph the Confessor, archbishop of Thessalonika; Peter, bishop of Crete; Venerable Onesimos of Magnesia and Nikodemos of the Holy Mountain (Hagiorite).

15. Martyrs Kyrikos and his mother Julietta of Tarsus; Great Prince Vladimir (Basil) of Kiev, equal-to-the-Apostles.

16. Hieromartyr Athenogenes, bishop of Herakleopolis; the 15,000 martyrs of Pisidia.

17. Great-martyr Marina of Antioch in Pisidia; Venerable Irenarchos of Solovky.

18. Martyr Emilianos of Silistria in Bulgaria; John, metropolitan of Chalcedon; Stephen, patriarch of Constantinople .

19. Venerable Macrina, sister of Basil the Great; Venerable Dios of Antioch; Theodore, archbishop of Ephesos; uncovering of the relics of Venerable Seraphim of Sarov; Stephen Lazarevic.

20. Prophet Elijah (Elias); Righteous Iliya Chavchavadze of Georgia.

21. Venerable Simeon of Horns, fool-for-Christ; John and Parthenios, bishop of Radovizlios; Venerable Arta; Martyr Victor of Marseilles.

22. Mary Magdalene, myrrh-bearer and equal-to-the-Apostles; Virgin-martyr Markella of Chios.

23. Hieromartyrs Phocas and Apollonios; Hieromartyr Apollinaris, bishop of Ravenna ; Prophet Ezekiel.

24. Great-martyr Christina of Tyre; New-martyrs Athanasios of Ikia and Theophilos of Zakynthos; Athenagoras the Confessor; Passionbearers Boris (Roman) and Gleb (David).

25. The Dormition of Righteous Anna, the mother of the Theotokos. Olympias, the deaconess of Constantinople; Venerable Eupraxia of Tabenna; Four Martyrs of Lyons; Venerable Makarios of Zheltovodsk and Unzha.

26. Venerable Virgin-martyr Paraskeva of Rome; Hieromartyr Hermolaos of Nicomedia; Venerable Gerontios, first settler of St. Anne skete on Athos; Moses the Hungarian; Sabbas III, archbishop of Serbia; Priest Jacob, enlightener of the peoples of Alaska.

27. Great-martyr and healer Panteleimon; New-martyr Christodoulos; Clement of Ochrid, bishop of greater Macedonia; Angelar, Gorazd, Nahum and Sabbas, disciples of Cyril and Methodios.

28. Prochoros, Nikanor, Timon and Parmenas, deacons and Apostles of the Seventy; Venerable Paul, founder of Xeropotamou and St. Paul monasteries on Athos; Venerable Irene Chrysovalantou; Pitirim, bishop of Tambov.

29. Martyrs Kallinikos of Gangra in Asia Minor and Theodota of Bithynia; Theodosios the pious emperor; Constantine, patriarch of Constantinople; Lupos the Confessor, bishop of Troyes .

30. Apostles Silas, Silvanos (Silouan), Crescens, Epenetos and Andronikos of the Seventy; Hieromartyr Valentine, bishop of Terni in Italy; John the Warrior; uncovering of the relics of Venerable Herman of Solovky; Venerable Angelina of Serbia.

31. Righteous Eudokimos of Cappadocia; Righteous Joseph of Arimathea; Germanos, bishop of Auxerre.