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1. The Procession of the Cross. The seven Maccabean youths, their mother Solomonia and Eleazar their teacher, martyrs; Venerablemartyr Elessa of Kythera.

2. The translation of the relics of the Proto-martyr Stephen the Archdeacon; Venerable Photeini; New-martyr Theodore; Blessed Basil the fool-for-Christ, wonder-worker of Moscow.

3. Venerable Isaac, Dalmatos and Faustus of the Dalmaton monastery; Venerable Theoklites and Theodora; Salome the myrrhbearer; Venerable Anthony the Roman, wonder-worker of Novgorod.

4. The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus ; Martyr Eudokia of Persia.

5. Martyr Eusignios of Antioch; New-martyr Habakkuk of Thessalonika.

6. The Transfiguration of Christ.

7. Martyrs Dometios of Persia and Sozon of Nicomedia; Hieromartyr Narcissos, patriarch of Jerusalem; Venerable Theodosios the New of the Peloponnesos, Nikanor the wonder-worker of Mt. Kalistratos , and David; Venerable Dometios of Philotheou monastery on Athos; uncovering of the relics of Metrophanes, first bishop of Voronezh.

8. Emilianos the Confessor, archbishop of Kyzikos; Myron, archbishop of Crete; Venerable Gregory of Sinai; New-martyrs Anastasios and Triandaphylos of Thessaly; translation of the relics of Venerable Zosimas and Savvatios of Solovky.

9. Apostle Matthias; translation of the relics of Venerable Herman of Alaska, wonder-worker of America.

10. Martyr and Archdeacon Laurence of Rome; Hieromartyr Sixtus, bishop of Rome.

11. Martyr and Archdeacon Euplos of Catania; Niphon, patriarch of Constantinople; commemoration of the miracle of Spyridon the wonder-worker on Kerkyra; New-martyrs Anastasios and Demetrios.

12. Martyrs Photios and Anikytos of Nicomedia.

13. Maximos the Confessor; Eudokia and Irene (Xenia) the empresses; Venerable Dositheos; repose of Tikhon, bishop of Voronezh and wonder-worker of Zadonsk; uncovering of the relics of Maximos of Moscow, fool-for-Christ.

14. Prophet Micah; New-martyr Simeon of Trebizond; translation of the relics of Venerable Theodosios of the Kiev Caves.

15. The Dormition of the Theotokos.

16. The commemoration of the icon not-made-by-hands of our Lord in Edessa. Martyrs Diomedes the physician of Tarsus in Cilicia and Alkiviades; Venerable Gerasimos the New Ascetic of Kephallenia; Timothy, bishop of Epiros; New-martyrs Nikodemos of Meteora and Apostolos (Stamatios) of St. Laurence; the New martyrs of Megaris.

17. Venerable Myron of Kyzikos, Eutychios, Eutychian, and Kassiane; Martyrs Thyrsos, Cyprian and Juliana; Venerable Alypios the iconographer of the Kiev Caves; Theodoretos of Solovky, enlightener of the Lapps.

18. Martyrs Floros and Lauros of Illyria; Venerable Sophronios of St. Anne skete on Athos; Venerable Barnabas and Christopher of Mt. Mela; New-martyr Demetrios; Venerable Arsenios the New of Paros; repose of Venerable John of Rila.

19. Martyr Andrew the General ('Stratelates'); Venerable Theophanes of Docheiariou monastery on Athos.

20. Prophet Samuel; Martyrs Heliodoros of Persia and Photeini of Blachernae.

21. Apostle Thaddeus of the Seventy; Martyrs Bassa, Theognios, Agapios, and Pistos of Edessa; Venerable Abraham of Smolensk and his disciple, Venerable Ephraim.

22. Martyr Agathonikos of Nicomedia and those with him.

23. Martyr Loupos; Hieromartyr Irenaios, bishop of Lyons; Venerable Nicholas and Dionysios of Olympos.

24. Hieromartyr Eutychos, disciple of John the Theologian; New hieromartyr Cosmas Aitolos, equal-to-the-Apostles and evangelizer of southern Albania; Dionysios the wonder-worker, bishop of Zakynthos; Venerable Gerasimos of Kephallenia; translation of the relics of Peter the wonder-worker, metropolitan of Moscow.

25. Apostles Titos of the Seventy and Bartholomew.

26. Martyrs Adrian and Natalia of Nicomedia; Venerable Joasaph; Venerable Adrian of Ondrutsov.

27. Venerable Pimen the Great and Osios; Martyr Anthusa; Newly revealed Martyr Phanourios of Rhodes; Caesarios, bishop of Arles; Venerable-confessor Hosios, bishop of Cordoba.

28. Venerable Moses of Ethiopia; Martyrs Diomedes, Damon and Laurence; Martyr Susanna of Georgia; uncovering of the relics of Venerable Job of Pochaev.

29. The Beheading of the Forerunner. Venerable Theodora of Thessalonika, Theopistis and Joseph the Sanctified of Samaka.

30. Alexander, Paul the New, and John, Patriarchs of Constantinople; Martyrs Phantinos of Calabria and Januarios; Repose of Venerable Alexander of Svir; translation of the relics of Alexander Nevsky, prince of Novgorod; Cyril and Makarios, patriarchs of Serbia.

31. The commemoration of the placing of the Belt of the Theotokos in the Church of the Virgin in Halkoprateia-Constantinople.