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Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts

Structure of the Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts




1. "Blessed is The Kingdom..."

2. "O come, let us worship..." and Psalm 104


3. Great Ektenis


4. Reading of the 1st Antiphon from the Psalms (Pss. 119-123)

(On the 5th Wednesday of Lent - 7th Kathisma of the Psalter (46-48)


NOTE: If the Priest completes the transfer of the Presanctifted Gifts from the Altar table to the Table of the Protheses during the reading of the 1st or 2nd antiphon, then the remaining antiphon(s) may not be read, in order to shorten the service.


5. Little Ektenia

6. Reading of the 2nd Antiphon from the Psalms (Pss. 124-128)

(On the 5th Wednesday of Lent - 7th Kathisma of the Psalter (49-50)


7. Little Ektenia


8. Reading of the 3rd Antiphon from the Psalms (Pss. 129-133)

(On the 5th Wednesday of Lent - 7th Kathisma of the Psalter (51-54)


9. Little Ektenia


10. "Lord I have cried unto Thee..." In the Tone of the week.

a. Proper stichera from the Triodion and the Menaion, if any.

b. Glory..., for the Menalon (Saint)

(If no Glory, then Glory & now are sung followed by the Theotokion)

c. Now..., for the Theotokos of the Triodion.'

11. Little Entrance, During the singing of the Theotokian.

(This is always done with the censer, except when there is a reading from the holy Gospel, in which case the Little Entrance is done with the Holy Gospel instead of the censer.)


12. After the Little Entrance: "O Gladsome Light..." is said, not sun


13. Proper Prokeimenon and Readings, as follows:

1st Reading:

Priest: Let us attend!

Reader: Reads the Prokeimenon

Priest: Wisdom!

Reader: The reading is from Genesis (Exodus during Holy Week)

Priest: Wisdom! Let us attend!

Reader: (The Reading)

2nd Reading:

Reader: Reads the proper Prokeimenon: Command!

Priest: Wisdom! Let us Attend!

The Light of Christ! Illumineth All!

Reader: The reading is from Proverbs (Job during Holy Week-)

Priest: Wisdom! Let us Attend!

Reader: (The Reading)


14. "Let my prayer..." with its stichoi, sung alternately by the Priest and the Chanter or Choir; the Priest begins the chanting with, "Let my prayer. . ." and concludes the chanting with "let my prayer..." the last time it is sung.

15. If there is a reading from the Holy Gospel, it follows in the usual form. (There are Readings from the Gospel on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week, and on the Feast Days of any Great Saint.)


16. Ektenias:

a. of the Fervant Supplication

b. Ektenis of the Catechumens, said alone without the Ektenia of Those Awaiting Baptism until Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Lent. During that period the Priest says: "Help us, save us... Wisdom! Through the gift of thy Christ. . ."

c. Ektania of Those Awaiting Baptism, said from the Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Lent until the end of Holy Wednesday.


17. Hymn of the Entrance:

a. "Now the powers of Heaven. . ." (is sung up to the words) "is ushered in. .

b. Entrance of the Presanctified Gifts, made in silence while the Priest says in a soft voice, "Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers. . . " The path of the Entrance is as short as possible, as in the Little Entrance.

c. After the Entrance, the Chanter concludes the Entrance Hymn: "Let us draw near ... Alleluia."


18. Ektenia before The Lord's Prayer


19. The Lord's Prayer


20. The Peace


21. Communion of the Clergy as usual, while the Chanter sings the Koinonikon (Communion Hymn): "O Taste and See. . ." or the proper Koinonikon for the Feast if any.


22. Communion of the Faithful, as usual


23. Ektenis of Thanksgiving


24. Prayer behind the Ambon: "O almighty Lord… "


25. "Blessed be the name...," sung in monotone.


26. Dismissal


The above order is according to the Antiochian usage.

The variations of the Stichera, Theotokia, and Readings are found in the Liturgical Guide under the proper day and date.