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Evening Divine Liturgy Structure

The Structure of the Evening Divine Liturgy

 (For Great Feasts and Major Saints)

1. The priest says "Blessed is the Kingdom"

2. The reader says "Come let us worship" and then Psalm 103

3. Great Litany

4. "O Lord, I Have Cried" in the proper tone

     A. Verses for the Feast

     B. "Glory" and "Both now" for the Feast

5. Little Entrance with the Gospel Book with the singing of "O Gladsome Light"


6. Old Testament Readings, if any

7. After the Little Entrance and OT Readings:
    A.  Apolytikion of the Feast
    B.  Apolytikion of the Patron Saint (this is omitted if a Great Feast is celebrated)
    C.  Kontakion of the Season (if this is a Great Feast, sing for that instead)

8. Trisagion Hymn (or Anti-Trisagion Hymn if required)

9. Epistle and Gospel of the Feast

The rest of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom as follows:

10. Megalynarion

      A. If it is a Great Feast, sing for it

      B. If it is not a Great Feast, sing "It is truly meet"

11. Koinonikon (Communion Hymn) of the Feast

12. Sing "We have seen the true light," but if it is a Great Feast of the Master, sing for that


13. Great Dismissal: Include festal characteristics


(Revised Sept. 8, 2016)