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The Structure of Orthros (Matins)



(When followed by the Divine Liturgy)


Priest:          "Blessed is our God. . ."
                     "Glory to thee. . .'
                     "O heavenly King. . ."
(Not said from Easter to Pentecost)
"Amen," Trisagion Prayers ("Holy God. . ." through Lord's Prayer)
Priest:          Exclamation: "For thine is the Kingdom. . ."
Chanter:       "Amen."
                     "O Lord save thy people. . ."
                     Glory. . . "Do thou, who of thine own. . ."
                     Now. . . "O Champion dread, who cannot. . ."
Priest:          Ektenia: "Have mercy on us. . ."
                        "Again we pray for pious. . ."
                        "Again we pray for our father and Metropolitan PHILIP. . ."
Chanter:       "Amen."
                     "Glory to God in the highest. . ." (3 times)
Between Pascha and Ascension this should be replaced by, "Christ is risen from the dead."
"O Lord open thou my lips. . ." (2 times)
                     Six Psalms
Great Ektenia
Chanter:       God is the Lord. . . preceded by the verses, "O give thanks unto the Lord. . ."
                     Proper Apolytikion (Troparion and Theotokion)
Priest:          Little Ektenia
Chanter:       Proper Kathismata
(not sung on certain Sundays)
Little Ektenia
Chanter:       Proper Hypakoe, Anabathmoi, and Prokeimenon
Priest:          "Let us pray to the Lord."
Chanter:       "Lord, have mercy."
Priest:          "For Holy art thou. . ."
Chanter:       "Amen."  "Let everything. . ."
Priet:            READ THE MATINS GOSPEL        
Chanter:       "In that we have beheld the Resurrection. . ."
(not said on certain Sundays)
Psalm 50
Priest:          Intercession: "O God save thy people. . ."
Chanter        "Lord, have mercy." (12 times)
Priest:          Exclamation: "Through the mercies. . ."
Chanter:       "Amen." The Kontakion and the Ikos for the Tone or for the day and the Synaxarion are read       and then the proper Katabasia.
Priest:          Little Ektenia
Chanter:       "Holy is the Lord. . ." (3 times)
                     "Exalt ye the Lord. . ."
(except from Good Friday until Pentecost)
Exaposteilarion and Theotokion
Proper Praises (Ainoi), preceded by the verses.
                     Proper Doxastikon and Theotokion
                     Great Doxology, in proper Tone
                     Proper Troparion

1Note: Substitute "Christ is risen" (three times) for these from Easter to Ascension eve.