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2017 SMI Handouts

Handouts from the 2017 Sacred Music Institute:

          Divine Liturgy Music
          Vespers Music
          Orthros (Matins) Music
          General Sessions:
               Fr. John & Mareena:  Orthodox Music in the Community
               Paul & Nazo:  Pacing and Pitching: A Conductor's Guide
               Richard:  The Business of Church Music, Articles

     Breakout Sessions
          Kh. Nancy:  Western Music Notation & Theory
          Dr. Nick & Amy:  Byzantine Music Notation & Theory
          Fr. Mark:  Learning To Understand Church Arabic
          Chris F.:  The Sacraments As Outreach
          Valerie:  Improving Your Vocal Sound
          Richard:  The Living Tradition Of Byzantine Chant

          Charlie & Richard:  Chanting With Ison
          Dn. John & Dr. Stephen:  Byzantine Tone 5
          Paul & Zhanna:  Directing A Choir
          Nazo & Chris H.:  Orthodox Composition 

     Bishop DEMETRI's "The Book of the Typikon"
(Bishop DEMETRI published this Typikon (guide to our Divine Services) in 2011. Dr. Stephen Esper referred to it several times during "Stump the Liturgists" on Friday at the SMI.)