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2018 PLC Features Warm Halifax Hospitality










The 65th Annual Diocese of Ottawa Eastern Canada and Upstate New York Parish Life Conference was held in our beautiful city of Halifax June 28-July 1, 2018. We worked hard to ensure that these four days were some of the best days our guests spent outside of their home parishes. Our schedule was dense with activities and events that drew everyone together spiritually and in fun.

In Halifax we are well known for our warm hospitality. This is most true in our home Parish of Saint Antonios. The weekend opened with a delicious welcome dinner following the tour of our new home at Saint Antonios Church. Our guests were treated to the delicious taste of Halifax; offering a generous array of seafood, from lobster to oysters and much more!

We also offered touristic events in our registration package to allow our guests to experience our beautiful city and beyond. Our activities were planned with every age in mind. On June 29, our guests took in the sights of the Halifax Harbour aboard the Harbour Queen and were treated to fun, music, snacks and water views of our beautiful city. On June 30, our guests were taken to one of Nova Scotia's scenic treasures, Peggy's Cove! We packed everyone a picnic lunch as well as giving a tutorial on the famous attraction. This by far, is the most visited and photographed site in Nova Scotia.

During the meetings that took place on June 29, we had two guest speakers join the SOYO & Antiochian Women. Dr. Emad Massoud spoke to the teens during their meeting on addiction as it related to social medial and technology in today's world. We also had Father Luc, the Abbot of the Hermitage of the Annunciation in New Germany speak to the Antiochian Women. Every guest in attendance was treated to a Lenten meal. Both events were well attended and the doors were open for all to attend and listen.

In addition to these two meetings, the clergy had a meeting with His Grace Bishop JOHN, the Young Adult Ministry held their own meeting where Bishop John also attended. The Order of Saint Ignatius gave a presentation during the Saturday night Dinner and Hafli encouraging new members to join.

The Diocesan Council Meeting also took place during the PLC. Each organization provided an update to the council. Other updates were provided from Camp Transfiguration, Christian Education, Creative Arts Festival, Sacred Music, Fall Retreat, and the 2019 PLC Committee.

With all of the blessings of the week something was still missing. We greatly missed the presence of His Grace Bishop ALEXANDER during this Parish Life Conference, who was unable to attend as a result of illness.

We were blessed to have a successful and well attended PLC. The weekend was filled with sunshine and smiles. Every guest left knowing that they have family here in Halifax.

Bible Bowl winners
Pre-teen: St. Elias, Ottawa
Teen: St. Elias, Ottawa
Adult: St. Nicholas, Montreal

Oratorical winners
Junior: Stephanie Khoury, St. Elias Ottawa
Senior: Aliah Mahshie, St. Elias Syracuse

Diocesan Council Committee
Bassam Hamwi – Chair
Robert Bayouk – Vice-Chair
Kim Rigden Briscal - Secretary
Nicolas Ellaham - Treasurer​