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Donate to the Antiochian Women

Your online donation can be allocated to support the following programs of the Antiochian Women:

The Antiochian Women General Fund

The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women of North America is an organization of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, founded in 1973 through the vision of His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP (Saliba).

The purposes of the Antiochian Women are to develop among women throughout the Antiochian Archdiocese a spirit of Christian leadership, awareness and commitment as taught in the Holy Orthodox Church.

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Antiochian Women Grant Program

The Antiochian Women of North American Board awards grants, each year, in the amount of $500 each, to help women return to education or training to improve their circumstances and those of their families.

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Antiochian Women 2019 Project: "Building a New Cathedral"

When Metropolitan JOSEPH told us of his inspiration to build a new and beautiful cathedral on the grounds of the Village, we all immediately understood why this is such a wonderful vision. Not only does the building of a new cathedral give form to Metropolitan PHILIP's metaphor of a beating heart in the center of our Archdiocese, but a new and inspiring cathedral will also satisfy several practical and pressing needs. This vision of Metropolitan JOSEPH is one that I'm sure the Antiochian Women will be eager to help bring into reality.​

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Widowed Clergy Wives Program

Your donation will go towards enabling the NAB to send gifts to help the widowed clergy wives of our Archdiocese.