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St. Athanasius Academy of Orthodox Theology

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March 2019 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

Great Lent—Grace and Truth came through Jesus, the promised Christ

Entering Great Lent – lead by His Spirit of Grace and Truth – one attains a better insight into this season of fasting. How it is far more about our sustaining a constantremembrance of ourloving Father and His eternal love for us. How Jesus – the Word Who became Incarnate – sustains ourlife in this mortal world, through His Creation. How learning to better love our neighbor, as He first loves us, is paramount to holding true to His Words. Such is especially significant when considering the all-trusting child being held in its own Mother's womb. Herein, let His compassion and loving kindness enlighten our hearts.

(Read more in our March newsletter.)

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February 2019 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

Who is this One Person—the One Who is I Am?

Who is this One Who Is Supreme in His Being? Is He the One God of Noah? Is this divine Person the One God Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were seeking in Exodus 3? The answer is yes, but Who is He? Is He the same God in Heaven the Jews, returning from Persia, worshipped as their Lord God and Father of Creation – YHWH? Is He the same divine Son of Mary, baptized by John in the River Jordan, near Jericho? Again, yes. But Who is He, what’s His Name, and how are we to know this One Who Is?

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February 2019 Newsletter (PDF)

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January 2019 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

His Baptism—Where the Wise and the Foolish are Born Anew

WHO is this divine One Who met John the Baptist at the Jordan River? According to the Gospel of John, He is the Word from the beginning – Who became Incarnate – and is the Son of Man, through Mary’s womb. He is named Jesus, the promised Christ of the Pentateuch– the Anointed Son of His eternal Father. He revealed Himself to Moses to be “I AM, the I AM” (OSB Ex. 3), our deliverer from bondage to false fears and gods. He is the Child, the Son spoken of in Isaiah 9:5 (OSB), Who shall bring His Peace of no end. (Read more in our January newsletter.)

January 2019 Newsletter (PDF)

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December 2018 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

Nativity—Fulfillment of Prophecy

In the Beginning was the Word, the Son of His Eternal Father and One True Man. In His Wisdom, the Wisdom of His eternal, Unbegotten Father, He became Incarnate through the ever-faithful Mary. She named Her Son—our Father—Jesus. For He the Deliverer Who shall deliver as He promises. For He is the fulfillment of the promised Christ of the Pentateuch, the One God of Moses: I AM, the I AM. As the One Anointed Son of His eternal Father, He came for our salvation not only as our Father, but also High Priest of the Temple only the Son of Man could resurrect. Thus relationally, we are living stones of He Who is the Temple and we are His children. (Read more in our December 2018 newsletter.)

December 2018 Newsletter (PDF)

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November 2018 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

Prayer life with He Who holds us precious—the Divine One—Supreme in His Being—Jesus our Christ

Any ideology or thought or ambition of man, about power and might, will fail again and again, if one turns away from our Father, Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word.

Seeing Jesus only as God and not our Christ, is a first turning from Him. Not knowing Him to be: I Am the I Am, friend of Moses, is another. Knowing Him not as the Word from in the beginning, Who became Incarnate and then named Jesus – the Deliverer - is often key to why people turn away from Him, in blind ignorance and not knowing Him. (Read more in our November 2018 newsletter.)

November 2018 Newsletter (PDF)

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