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Acts of Mercy booklet

A new booklet, "Acts of Mercy," is available for Antiochian Women chapters in North America. Please follow these instructions for printing the booklet prior to distribution. (Download the booklet)


When you choose "print" from the file menu, and the printer dialogue box appears, make sure that you check the box that says to print "Actual size."
Do NOT choose: "Fit" or "Shrink oversized pages" or "Custom scale."
Printing "actual size" insures that the graphics on the interior pages match up from one page to another.

If your printer has the capablitiy of printing on both sides of the paper (auto duplex mode), make sure that you check the box: "Flip on short edge."

If your desktop printer cannot print on both sides of the paper, then follow the directions on the printer's pop-up dialogue box for "manual duplex mode" that shows you how to re-insert the paper by flipping it on the "short side."

NOTE: Some desktop printers that print on both sides of the paper grip the paper so that there is a space of about a half-an-inch on which it does not print. This space is used by the mechanism in the printer to hold and "flip" the page for printing on the reverse side. However, this will mean that the booklet will be missing the outer half-inch of the image where the printer mechanism grips the paper. If this happens, try printing the booklet and manually "flipping" the paper and reinserting it for printing on the second side. Most desktop printer have this option of "manual duplex" mode.

Some printers have no problems with printing the entire image; if you have access to a Xerox or Toshiba (etc.) office printer, the "auto duplex mode" will print all of the booklet without cutting off any of the image at the edge.