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Antiochian Women of the East (AWE)


February 5, 2019

Your Eminence Metropolitan JOSEPH, Your Grace Bishop Thomas, Reverend Fathers and Sisters in Christ,

Christ is in our Midst! He is and ever shall be! It is hard to believe I am almost done with my second year as the President of the Antiochian Women of the East; I still have so much to learn and do! I want to emphasize how much of a blessing it is to serve our two dioceses and to learn about them through my visits to the parishes. I moved recently to Virginia and this gave me the opportunity to be able to visit more churches in our region. For example, most recently I visited St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church; it was a unique and an amazing experience to learn about the Western Rite customs. I am planning to visit more churches in the near future.

During my visits I talked with the ladies about who we are, what we do, what is going on in our region, how we can feed our spiritual lives, and what are the expectations of our parishes in not only our own communities but within our dioceses. I noticed some of the churches I visited are eager to learn more about what other churches are doing and need to be educated about the North American Board. I enjoyed listening to opinions and feedback. I believe we have made big changes in some churches and am committed to continuing this outreach in an effort to get to know more ladies within our parishes.

I am very happy to announce our new Diocesan Newsletter, published for the first time, another way to get to know each other. I am so thrilled to let you know that 27 parishes from our dioceses displayed their full devotion to God and their communities in our first issue. The goal is to publish the newsletter twice a year, during the Advent and the Paschal seasons. Articles are welcomed on an endless variety of topics, from describing a special ministry team in your parish, visiting a monastery, submitting personal reflections, or sharing the activities of the women of your parish. Submissions for the spring 2019 newsletter may be sent to our Membership Coordinator, Pam Hennawi, before April 15, 2019. I am so proud to be part of the AWE. The officers, coordinators, and Spiritual Advisor, maintain regular communication via phone conferences once a month, which last for one hour and half to two hours. In addition, we communicate everything digitally through multiple emails and text messages. We ordered 100 scarves which display the AWE logo to see if our ladies would be interested in purchasing them. We have received an overwhelming response. As a result, we ordered 200 more and we order 500 special bags which have a cross to carry holy bread. All the monies raised will go towards a designated Humanitarian project.

Read Rula's Full Letter


  • Antiochian Women of the East CrestAntiochian Women of the East CrestExecutive Board Roster (PDF)
  • Spiritual Advisor, The Very Rev. Donald E. Shadid
    Rula Osama Khoury, President
  • Angela Saliby, Vice President
  • Khouria Loukia Dixon, Secretary
  • Khouria Rima Zafaran, (re-elected as Treasurer)
  • Maria Koropsak, Religious Coordinator
  • Leslie Deeb Carter, Humanitarian Coordinator
  • Pam Hennawi, Membership Coordinator
  • Nancy Tentzeras, Social Media Coordinator













 April 14, 2018

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

The AWE Lenten Retreat took place on March 23-25, 2018 at Antiochian Village. The retreat was dedicated to the memory of Khouria Stefanie Yazge, who passed away on June 29, 2017.

We began the retreat with the fifth Akathist Hymn, where chanters sang in English, Arabic, and Greek to honor our Most Holy Theotokos.  Following the service, we had a nice Lenten dinner and fellowship. In the evening, we watched “What Dreams May Come” which fit well with the topic of the retreat, Life After Death. Special thanks goes out to Father Anthony Yazge for popping popcorn for the movie!

The following morning, Khouria Janet Shadid and Miriam Yazge, spoke fondly of Khouria Stefanie as they paid tribute to her life and accomplishments during the introduction to the retreat. Our retreat presenter, Father Paul Matar, provided thought provoking and edifying talks on the Orthodox view of life after our departure from this world.

Throughout the weekend, we paid tribute to Khouria Stefanie’s memory by playing one of her favorite hymns, the 9th Ode of the Paschal Canon- “The Angel Cried,” providing her signature recipe and sample of chocolate mint brownies, and offering an icon card of Christ with Khouria Stefanie’s favorite Bible verse, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, because He is holy” (Joshua 24:15). Later on in the weekend, ladies toasted to Khouria Stefanie’s memory, with one of her favorite beverages, margaritas. May her Memory be Eternal!

Other highlights of the weekend included having a general meeting with all the ladies during Saturday’s luncheon. We announced the proposed project to commission a new Liturgy to be composed by Nazo Zakkak, in memory of Khouria Stefanie. The project was so well received that our women began donating funds on that very day!

We also enjoyed the beautiful services of matins and vespers on Saturday and the Feast of the Annunciation on Sunday. It was a beautiful weekend with 87 in attendance. The efforts of AWE president, Rula Khoury, AWE Spiritual Advisor, Father Don Shadid, AV event coordinator, Allison Taylor, and the other AWE officers, helped make this weekend a relaxing and spiritually uplifting event for all who attended.

Your Sister in Christ,
Rula Khoury, AWE President 


Maria Koropsak, Religious Coordinator for the Antiochian Women of the East, writes:

"Bishop JOHN has given his blessing for the Book Club selection. Our NAB President, Dianne O' Regan, has also approved. The book is entitled, Becoming a Healing Presence by Dr. Albert Rossi. The book can be ordered from Ancient Faith Bookstore. Dr. Albert Rossi is a licensed clinical psychologist and Christian educator who has spoken and written widely on these topics. He is currently the Director of Field Education and serves as the resident clinical psychologist at St. Vladimir's Seminary. A quote from Dr. Rossi from the conclusion of the book: 'Becoming a Healing Presence is a code phrase for loving others as best we can....'
Read Maria's full letter.
Order the book.


Dear Sisters in Christ!

Christ is in our Midst! He is and ever shall be!

It is that time again! Our Women's Lenten Retreat. We had such a wonderful turn out last year at the retreat. I am excited for this year's retreat. I hope you are too.

This year:

The 2019 AWE Lenten Retreat is entitled, "Pray, Fast, Give" with Keynote Speaker, Fr. Charles Nicholas Baz

In Loving Memory of All of our Hierarchs Who have fallen asleep in Lord and are laid to rest at the Village March 29, 2019 – March 31, 2019 Antiochian Village, Bolivar, PA

Join us for a weekend of prayer, fellowship, and learning.

Please see the attached flyer and the attached schedule.

Register today, do not wait. We want you all to attend! The deadline is March 22, 2019.


We had such a wonderful time last year, meeting each other, spending time together in worship and fellowship. I really pray that many of you will plan to attend this year as well!

Your Sister in Christ!

Rula Khoury
AWE President

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