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Basilica of St. Mary Hosts Diocese of Toledo PLC

By Fr. Joseph Abud and Fr. Andrew Kishler

The Basilica of St. Mary in Livonia, Michigan, hosted the Diocese of Toledo’s annual Parish Life Conference, June 22–26, 2016.  We had an edifying, successful, and enjoyable conference this year, with over 800 registered attendees!  Our beloved Bishop Anthony continued to inspire us with his teaching, encouragement, and words of wisdom.  Many of our priests preached homilies and taught Bible studies, and of course our youth gave us much hope for the future of our church at the Bible Bowl, Oratorical Festival, and other events. 

Special thanks to the host priests Fr. George Shalhoub and Fr. Jim King, to the conference co-chairs Mr. Walid Matta and Mrs. Arwa Ansara, and their committee, whose tireless efforts, along with the loving and hospitable community of the Basilica of St. Mary, helped make this year’s Parish Life Conference a blessing for all who attended. 

Creative Arts Festivals

View a list of all the winners of the Arts, Writing, Poetry, and Photography Creative Festivals.

Metropolitan Antony Scholarship

The winners of the Metropolitan Antony Bashir Memorial Scholarships for 2016:

Anna Mikhail from St. George in W. St. Paul, MN, pastored by the V. Rev. Fr. Thomas Begley
Elizabeth Dresdow from St. Barnabas in Sunbury, OH, pastored by Rev. Fr. Athanasius Dresdow
Maria Nasser from St. Nicholas in Grand Rapids, MI, pastored by the V. Rev. Fr. Michael Nasser.  
Kaitlyn Dempsey from St. Ignatius in Madison, WI, pastored by Rev. Fr. Basil Koory

Installation of new Midwest SOYO officers: PLC, 2016Installation of new Midwest SOYO officers: PLC, 2016New Midwest Teen SOYO officers

President:  Gianmarco Petrelli
Vice-President:  Marissa Zayed
Treasurer:  Michael Soukar
Secretary:  Josh Nasser
Youth Director:  Amal Michaels
Spiritual Advisor:  Fr. Mousa Haddad

Clergy Wives

The clergy wives present at the conference had a wonderful gathering with Mother Macrina of Holy Dormition Monastery in nearby Rives Junction, Michigan.  His Grace Bishop Anthony was also present. Clergy wives with Mother Macrina and Bishop AnthonyClergy wives with Mother Macrina and Bishop Anthony

Bishop Anthony’s Diocesan Ministry Council

At the end of the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, Bishop Anthony inducted the following individuals into his Diocesan Ministry Council:

Installation of Diocesan Ministry CouncilInstallation of Diocesan Ministry CouncilVice Chair: Lynn Simon, of St. Nicholas in Grand Rapids, MI
Cindy Karos, of St. George in W. St. Paul, MI
Liaison to Bishop Anthony:  V. Rev. Fr. Michael Nasser

Others council members not pictured:

Treasurer:  Kathy Abraham, of St. Nicholas in Grand Rapids, MI
Secretary:  Dr. David Bojrab, of St. John Chrysostom in Ft. Wayne, IN
Dr. Nabil Sultani, of the Basilica of St. Mary in Livonia, MI

Installation of Young Adult Ministry officersInstallation of Young Adult Ministry officersYoung Adult Ministry Diocesan Officers

Bishop Anthony also installed the following individuals as officers of the Young Adult Ministry:

Chair: Laura Eisenbrei, of St. George, Canton OH
Vice-Chair: Tristan Stevens of St. George, Cedar Rapids, IA
Social: Lina Zabaneh of St. George, Cicero IL
Education: Aida Zabaneh of St. George, Cicero IL
Service: Angela Haddad of St. Mary, Palos Heights, IL
Fr. Michael Nasser and Fr. Joseph Abouid, Spiritual Advisors

Photo Albums

View the Parish Life Conference photo album from St. Mary’s Facebook page

View photos of the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy with Bishop Anthony, Saturday, June 25

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