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Bishop John's Invitation to the 2016 Diocese Parish Life Conference


Dear to Christ Presbyters and Deacons of the Diocese, Archdiocesan Leaders, Parish Council Members, Members of the Order of St. Ignatius, Parish and Diocese Organization Leaders and Church Leaders within the Diocese of Worcester and New England,

Christ is Risen! I greet you with a holy kiss this glorious Paschal Season.

The Parish Life Conference this year will be held on June 11 and 25. Father Edward and the parishioners of Lawrence have been very attentive to the needs and requests of the Diocesan Conference goers and have planned a very affordable and productive conference. They deserve our cooperation and support.

Following the Oratorical Festival, the June 11th luncheon hosted by the parishioners of St George to be held at St. George Church at 8 Lowell St, Lawrence is of great importance to our Diocese. This will be our first formal Diocesan Assembly where we will review the planning work of the Diocesan Mission Council, dream together of what we can do to further our Christian Mission within the Diocese and hear reports of all of our Diocesan Organizations. For you to exercise your stewardship responsibility of building up the Church within our Diocese, it is imperative that you understand what others in the Diocese are doing and that we receive your input concerning our common mission opportunities. The Luncheon and Diocesan Assembly will be followed by Diocesan Organizational meetings and Vespers. Attendance at this meeting will be taken to recognize the leaders within our Diocese.

Please register on line for the PLC as soon as possible. Registration, schedules and Conference Sponsorship forms are all available at the Antiochian Events website.

I also call to your attention the wonderful day planned for Saturday, June 25, 2016. We have invited the Dean of Holy Cross Seminary, Dr. James Skedros to offer the keynote address and workshop leaders to help us discuss practical ways to responsibly raise our families and meet the needs of our society. This topic is timely and of great importance. Please use your leadership positions to promote this event as well as all of the PLC events to be held at the Sts. Constantine and Helen Church, 71 Chandler Rd, Andover on that day.

We are doing all that we can to meet the real needs of the faithful of this Diocese and build up the Church in our region. We rely on your support to work with us in this ministry. I thank you in advance for your efforts and good works maintaining and furthering our common mission.

Christ is Risen!


Bishop of Worcester and New England

Diocese of Worcester PLC Letter From Bishop John and Schedule (PDF)876.81 KB