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Bishop NICHOLAS Visits Archangel Gabriel Parish in Lafayette, LA












His Grace Bishop Nicholas visited Archangel Gabriel Parish in Lafayette, Louisiana from November 30 through December 2, 2018. This was the the first visit by a bishop to this parish in six years. In a busy schedule, the bishop met with the parish council, the children, the women and the men of the parish, led vespers on Saturday night and Orthros and Liturgy on Sunday.

At each of these occasions Bishop Nicholas energized the parish with messages both spiritual and practical. In his spiritual message the bishop reminded us of the uniquely Orthodox goal that each of us should become like God, acquiring his attributes of love, selflessness, compassion, justice (among others) and the underlying attribute of self-control that makes the others possible. On the practical side, the bishop urged us to participate in the many meetings and activities he is instituting at the diocesan level, especially the Winter Retreat in Atlanta, Jan. 25–27, 2019.

We were all energized by both messages and impressed with Bishop Nicholas' dynamism, ambition, and enthusiasm. We were especially pleased that he plans to visit each parish twice a year. We look forward to working with Bishop Nicholas to bind ourselves with other parishes in a real diocesan family.