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Check out our Christian Education curriculum materials.
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Now Available! 2017 Christian Education Materials and Order Form, and 2017 Liturgical Books Order Form

The 2017 Christian Education Materials and Order Form (PDF) is now available! Download and use this new form to order materials for your parish programs. Shipping options are available. Call for more information.
Also, the 2017 Liturgical Books Order Form is now available! The Antiochian Village Bookstore now carries all of the titles formerly stocked at the Archdiocese. Here is the 2016 Order Form, including special Services and English/Arabic Service books.  Fax or email the form to the AV Bookstore, or call with your order! Note that Shipping options are now available. Credit cards are also accepted!
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The Way the Truth and the Life Flashcards and 100 Questions

The Way, The Truth, and The Life Flashcards

One year to learn 100 points of Orthodoxy is asking a lot! Challenge the high school students to recall what they've learned by using these. Each unit of the text has a set of corresponding flashcards that can be downloaded, copied onto cardstock and used to review the basics of our faith.

WTL Flip Cards - Doctrine (PDF)
WTL Flip Cards - Liturgy/Feasts (PDF)
WTL Flip Cards - History/Scripture (PDF)
WTL Flip Cards - Spirituality/Morality (PDF)

The Way, The Truth, and The Life 100 Questions

Teachers have asked for a listing of the 100 educational standards. These are provided by unit with their answers in this document.

WTL 100 Questions (PDF)

GOA and OCEC Comparison Chart

In the course of preparing for a new curriculum, it was relatively easy to produce this chart which might help answer the question we receive regarding the two series: "Which book should I use for which grade?" Please read the information on the first page--the information in the columns is taken from two different types of sources making the comparison awkward, but of use nonetheless.

GOA and OCEC Comparison Chart Rev. 2-16-17 (PDF)

Curriculum from Orthodox Christian Education Commission

The Antiochian Department of Christian Education partners with the Orthodox Christian Education Commission to prepare curriculum materials for all ages. Preview the materials in the catalog, and then order from the Antiochian Archdiocese Bookstore (the best price for many items) or  from OCEC's online catalog

Suggested “Teach-Together Texts” for Middle and High School

by Carole Buleza
Download PDF version

Having finished a not-so-stellar few years of teaching those grades without any specific program, I was keenly aware of the need for some guidance. As the publishing situation in the pan-Orthodox world continues unresolved after five years, it remained to our staff to work creatively with what is extant--whether by modifying or by giving guidance on programming, we looked at which might fit together for an interesting year’s worth of lessons. As noted in the report we have several other materials which we will be suggesting for “teach-together texts.”

A change to note--The Way, The Truth, and The Life, has previously been recommended for 8th Grade. It is our understanding that it is more commonly and successfully used over a two-year span, 8th and 9th grade. We do offer a 9th-grade alternative suggestion. In addition, we will have a few educational objectives written for the items in the Teach-Together Texts. Check the Teacher and Church School Director pages on the Christian Education website for progress on these.

Knowing Your Faith: Educational Standards for OCEC Curriculum

"Knowing Your Faith" is a program designed to work with the OCEC textbooks from grades K through 5. A minimum number of prayers, icons and content questions have been chosen from each text for the children to know. With repetition, these objectives can be met and progress can be made in the religious education of our youth. Parent and teacher letters, and teacher aids are included.

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