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Raymond George

Dismissal (From Vespers)


Preserve, O God - Glory/Both now; Convention music-46C

Myrrh-bearing Women Sunday, Apolytikia (Choral)

Myrrh-bearing Women Sunday

These are the three Apolytikia (Troparia) sung on the Third Sunday of Pascha: the Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing Women, Pious Joseph of Arimathea, and Righteous Nicodemus.  "When Thou didst descend to death . . . Pious Joseph . . . Verily the angel came to the tomb . . . ."

Vespers, Kazan - Glory #1, Final

Vespers, Kazan Byzantine Project

Final Glory/Both now sung at the end of Vespers, by Raymond J. George (1917-2002). 

Vespers, Kazan - Dismissal

Sheet Music: 
Vespers, Kazan Byzantine Project

Dismissal sung after the apolytikia (troparia) from the Kazan Vespers book.  "Preserve, O God, the holy Orthodox Faith and all Orthodox Christians . . . More honorable than the cherubim . . . Glory . . . Both now . . . ."  Updated 4/24/19.

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