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Crafts, Games, and Activities

Bible Activities

1. Discovering Biblical Meaning in Liturgical Verses – 13 pages of verses and scriptural references

during the services of Nativity 

2. Examining the Nativity of the Theotokos – through hymnography and iconography and Scripture.

3. Holy Women of the Bible – read about them and create a team game to identify them by their


4. The Theotokos in Scripture & Hymnography – an activity to examine and understand the Old Testament references to the Theotokos in our services.


1. The Hub has a collection of crafts from camp.

2. Good instructions on planning, a list of related books and publications, and instructions on making glass and/or laminated icons. 

3. Celebrate the Feast Days (PDF) – Patterns for stand-up centerpieces for each feast.


The Hub has a collection of fun games for groups. Some don’t have a Christian theme, but could be adapted if you wanted to relate it to a particular lesson.