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Curriculum from Orthodox Christian Education Commission

The Antiochian Department of Christian Education partners with the Orthodox Christian Education Commission to prepare curriculum materials for all ages. Preview the materials in the catalog, and then order from the Antiochian Archdiocese Bookstore (the best price for many items) or  from OCEC's online catalog


The Wonder of It All (for 3 Year Olds): Take-home sheets included for each lesson try to encourage family involvement in the child's religious growth and development.

God, My Friends, and Me (for 4 Year Olds): Take-home sheets included for each lesson try to encourage family involvement in the child's religious growth and development.


Together With God (for Kindergarten): This is the revised version of a series of thirty-one four-page lesson folders, designed for both class and home use, complete with updated photos, illustrations, and simple text. It introduces the child to the Divine Liturgy and some of the major Church feasts and civil holidays with a religious meaning.


God Loves Us (for 1st Grade): The Student Activity Packet consists of individual worksheets to accompany the lessons and activities presented in the Teacher's Manual. These worksheets will be used in class and/or at home, as prescribed by each individual lesson.


God Is With Us (for 2nd Grade): An Orthodox book of children's Bible stories, colorfully illustrated. A "must" for this year's curriculum. Excellent for both home and school use.


Making Things Right (for 2nd Grade): The student manual is a 46 page booklet which will be presented as directed in the Teacher's Manual. Various activities in the booklet encourage students to think about forgiveness in their lives, how choices affect others and the process of "making things right". God's constant and forgiving love is apparent throughout the book.


New Life in Jesus (for 2nd Grade): A Student Activity Packet accompanies the FIRST PART that presents the Mysteries or Sacraments of Baptism, Chrismation and Eucharist. This packet provides individual worksheets to be used in class or at home, as directed by the lessons in the Teacher Manual.


New Life in the Church (for 3rd Grade): A thirty-lesson manual supplemented by Bible story materials or stories in church history to illustrate theories and concepts. Each lesson includes a time-line to put stories in perspective, illustrations, activities and notes to parents to encourage family involvement.


Finding Your Way Through the Bible (for 4th Grade): A self-instruction book that will help the student become familiar with the Bible, how it is divided and how to look up passages. Students can work in class or at home, at their own rate. A great addition to this program.

Jesus, The Promise of God (for 4th Grade): The revised manual, with a new cover design, includes a section on the structure and use of the Bible. Photographs have been updated or replaced with new illustrations. A Note to Parents section encourages follow up at home. The popular activity of collecting and entering icons illustrating the life of Christ remains a feature in this book. New and revised activities are included.

Our Life in the Church (for 5th Grade): An activity workbook with twenty-nine lessons, coordinated with the Teacher's Guide for this grade. It includes illustrations, text, and questions in order to teach the basic concepts of the lesson presented in class.


Exploring How the Bible Came to Be (for 6th Grade): A self-instruction book that will help the student become familiar with the Bible; how it is divided; how to look up passages; how it was formed in Old and New Testament periods. Students can work in class or at home at their own rate. A "must" for this program.


In the Beginning (for 6th Grade): A thirty-lesson manual, which includes explanatory text, maps, photographs, illustrations, Biblical quotations, activities and worksheets, coordinated with the Teachers Guide, serves as an introductory study of the Old Testament.


The Scribe (for 6th Grade): The goal of "The Scribe" is to present the most important aspects of the Old Testament as they relate to the New Testament.The program begins with two lessons of Bible skills and continues with twenty-two lessons using the headline story and the Scribe's commentary from the "Biblical Times of Jerusalem" newspaper. Download the curriculum here. Please call the OCEC at 800 464-2744 or 315 428-1566 if you have problems downloading or printing this title. 


Biblical and Liturgical Charts (for 7th Grade): Concise, informative, and interesting! These charts provide a necessary historical perspective to the concepts presented during the year's work. Facts on the Paschal and festal cycles, salvation history, the Bible, sacraments and the Creed are readily accessible. Exercises are included for study and review.


The Young Church (for 7th Grade): A completely new approach to study of the Acts. A workbook of activities and projects to stimulate excitement in studying the Book of Acts of the Apostles. Included is a brief introduction to the Epistles and Early Fathers. All material emphasizes application to modern life.


The Way, The Truth, and The Life (for 8th Grade): Entirely new in scope and presentation, the first text of the revised OCEC series, The Way, The Truth, and The Life, provides a basic understanding of our faith in lessons that both inform and inspire. In so doing, the program endeavors to plant the students firmly in the Orthodox spiritual understanding and to guide them on the path to spiritual maturity. An optional award is offered for successful completion of four exams for which the students are adequately prepared. The award, a sterling silver pendant, will be available in May 2004 and shown in the next catalog. An award plaque that lists the names of the award winners, for the church school area, will also be shown in the next catalog. The program is NOT competitive. The student book is organized in two parts. Part I offers 28 standard lessons. Part II offers the resource sections: "Feasts days and Icons," "Briefs," "Saints," and "Glossary." The program is for high school students. [Please note: If your church school does not offer a high school program, you may use this with a separate eighth grade class; it is not appropriate for a 6th-7th-8th grade mixed class. Additional explanation is offered on the catalog insert.] (174 pages)

The teacher book offers scripted lesson plans, handouts for prayers, visual aids, workshops, and excerpts from classic Orthodox authors as background reading for each lesson. The lesson plans are flexible and may be used with classes of 40-60 minute duration. (390 pages).


Second Helpings (Two Volume Set) (for High School): Volumes I and II of Second Helpings offer a selection of forty articles from past issues of On the Upbeat, the OCEC's monthly magazine for young adults and adults. Accompanying each article are questions for discussion. The topics in these volumes cover a wide range of material - the Christian life, the parish, the family, liturgical participation, society - suitable for individual study, adult discussion groups, or team church school classes. The articles contained in these two volumes may be used in any order you and your group or class sees fit. For the sake of convenience, the articles in both volumes are categorized according to content:

The TRIVIA series offers a variety of challenging quizzes. They provide an excellent resource for tests, review work, or contests. Articles designated BACK TO THE BASICS cover a wide range of topics related to basic doctrine and essential Orthodox teachings and practices. Liturgical matters are featured in the CELEBRATE series, while matters of Christian life in the contemporary world are considered in the LIFESTYLES selections. Finally, the ACTION PLAN series challenges you and your group to put your faith into practice.

There are a number of options available for conducting a lively discussion or study group, whether it be within the context of a church school program or an informal setting.

Reruns, Reruns (for High School):  This book contains reprints of articles that appeared in Upbeat and Concern magazines. It provides parish groups or church schools with a source of information on varied topics, written in short and concise form for use in discussion groups. Study questions included.


Celebration: Feasts & Holy Days (for High School): It also includes a cooperative learning component which is presented as an option within each lesson and makes this manual completely unique. The purpose of this approach is to increase learning by fostering cooperation within pairs and small groups and by teaching through well-orchestrated experiences. Strategies are fully described in the appendix of the Teacher's Manual.