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Department of Christian Education Diocesan Coordinators

Please contact the Diocesan Coordinators for updates on training activities and other events in your region.

Charleston, Oakland, and the Mid-Atlantic; New York and Washington DC:
V. Rev. Fr. George Alberts; (203) 798-1771;

Toledo and the Midwest:
Robert Snyder; (330) 285-3688;

Los Angeles and the West:
Carole Buleza, Interim Coordinator; (717)747-5221;

Eagle River and the Northwest:
Carole Buleza, Interim Coordinator; (717)747-5221;

Ottawa, Eastern Canada and Upstate New York:
Rev. Fr. Christopher Rigden-Briscall; (519)807-2986;

Wichita and Mid-America:
Vasiliki Oldziey; (512) 694-7073;

Worcester and New England:
Mat. Anna Hughes; (978) 686-3274;

Miami and the Southeast:
Kh. Betty Randolph; (864) 261-6058;