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Facebook Resources for Christian Education

The Christian Education Web site has been a blessing, putting resources and information into the hands of teachers and church school directors. Now we are ready to supplement the Web pages with an interactive, or sharing component, via Facebook.

Facebook is defined as a “social-networking utility.” You open an account (no exchange of money) which means you register for a space, by entering your email address, name, and birth date. You then create a space, or profile screen, which allows you to open your “home” page. On your home page, you can receive “wall posts,” or brief messages, from your friends, and respond to them. Your registration with Facebook also allows you to join a group. For example, those who are dachshund lovers can find a group of like-minded people by using the search box to find “dachshund,” choose a group, and join. The group administrator posts a discussion topic, and you can post your thoughts; or make general comments, or direct a question to the group.

Perhaps you see where this is headed. The Department now has several new Web pages, and each has a matching Facebook page for an interactive component. Check out our Facebook pages!

Antiochian Orthodox Department of Christian Education 

Orthodox Christian Church School Directors

Orthodox Christian Church School Teachers

Orthodox Christian Parenting

For a more general group, join Orthodox Christian Religious Educators, which is administered by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.