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Hear Me

Thea: I loved the book Hear Me! I like the section where the author gives her own advice on pressures and questions most teens face. My favorite part is the “Guide to Confession” in which the author goes over all the commandments God has given us and lists a bunch of things that have to do with that commandment. It helps you figure out things that you might forget to say at confession. It’s an awesome book you can use every day.

Aislinn: This book not only contains prayers that are included in most Orthodox prayer books, such as morning and evening prayers, but it also contains a section on saints and what you can pray to them for. Another interesting part of this book is toward the end – a question-and-answer section about the church and life, with issues that teens frequently wonder about but are not quite sure who to ask. I think that this book is appropriate for pre-teens and teens. Available from Ancient Faith Publishing.

Compiled and edited by Annalisa Boyd. Reviewed by middle schoolers Aislinn Alexander and Thea Federoff.