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The Scribe

What was it that Jesus said to the disciples on the road to Emmaus after his resurrection, that opened their eyes to his true identity as the awaited Messiah? In this series of news articles written during the time of Jesus, the Scribe, the scripture scholar, beings to see relationships with the past for Jesus words and actions. There are 2 Bible Skills lessons followed by 22 articles. Additional information is found on the first pages of the Teacher’s Manual.

Please click here to download an Evaluation Form for The Scribe. This is a Word document that may be edited and e-mailed to Further instructions are included on the form. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Download All Units of the Scribe (PDF):

Student Units

Teacher Units

Individual units of The Scribe will be posted as they become available:

The Scribe - Teacher Guide

The Scribe - Student Unit 1

The Scribe - Teacher Guide Unit 2

The Scribe - Student Unit 2

The Scribe - Teacher Guide Unit 3

The Scribe - Student Unit 3

The Scribe - Teacher Guide Unit 4

The Scribe - Student Unit 4

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