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Tithing Program

On this web page you will find a set of parish posters, Teacher Notes, Student Booklets, and other materials on the theme of To Tithe Is To Show That We Care for the Church

In a departure from the programs of previous years, the tithing program will be much simpler and highlight the recipients of the tithe, on the parish level. The students will learn from a member of the choir, for example, that their tithe helps cover the cost of copying music. From the Parish Council the students can learn about the many items that must be funded. It will be interesting to see how this direct approach encourages the students to tithe.

While I am certain that the students know the word “tithe,” by now, we do not have an idea of how well the program is succeeding. As a way of measuring its effectiveness we are sending a quantity of small envelopes to each parish, to be counted with the collection. We are asking that after they are emptied, they be kept for the Church School Director, who can then count them and assess how well the children are responding to the program. The envelopes can be given to the children to take home and use, or they can be placed in the back of the church for the children to pick up on their way in to the service. If the envelopes are encouraging the children to give to the donation, consider purchasing these at an office supply store for continuing the practice. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office.

Dept. of Christian Education Tithing Letter

Church School Director and Teacher Notes
Priest Resources
Field Trip Planning Chart
The Trail of the Tithe (article by Fr. Thomas Zell)

Grades K-1 Booklet
Grades 2-3 Booklet
Grades 4-5 Booklet
Middle School Booklet
High School Booklet

Poster #1
Poster #2
Poster #3
Six Posters

Tithing Bookmarks
Tithing Envelope Image (6.5"x3.625")
Tithing Labels #5160 (30 per page) #5161 (20 per page)

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