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The Way the Truth and the Life Flashcards and 100 Questions

The Way, The Truth, and The Life Flashcards

One year to learn 100 points of Orthodoxy is asking a lot! Challenge the high school students to recall what they've learned by using these. Each unit of the text has a set of corresponding flashcards that can be downloaded, copied onto cardstock and used to review the basics of our faith.

WTL Flip Cards - Doctrine (PDF)
WTL Flip Cards - Liturgy/Feasts (PDF)
WTL Flip Cards - History/Scripture (PDF)
WTL Flip Cards - Spirituality/Morality (PDF)

The Way, The Truth, and The Life 100 Questions

Teachers have asked for a listing of the 100 educational standards. These are provided by unit with their answers in this document.

WTL 100 Questions (PDF)