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2012 Calendars from Lancelot Andrewes Press Now Available

2012 calendars are in both Western and Byzantine editions are now available from Lancelot Andrewes Press:

This Calendar has full color plates of English stained glass for every Month. It is full of Saints and observances of the Universal Church. It should be a most attractive aid to children, youths, and adults in learning the incredible richness of the Christian Year. It should be helpful to clergy and Church workers in planning Parish and School events in harmony with the customary observances day by day. Of course, no Calendar could perfectly bridge all of Orthodox, Catholic, and Anglican variants. However, we think the result of making a “chock full of Saints” Calendar is instructive, fun, and practical in many instances.

This “Complete Church Calendar” for 2012 conveniently includes boxes already filled to every corner with Saints’ Days and Holy Days.

The most popular book in Russia before the Communist era was “The Little Flowers” of St. Francis of Assisi. Often the suffering laity in their prayers find more spiritual resources in the company of Saints than the various official calendars would suggest.

The “Complete Church Calendar” is available with the Western Easter Date, 8 April 2012 for Catholics and Anglicans. (West2010)

We offer a similar edition with the Orthodox Paschal date, 15 April 2012 (Byz2012) All the days (Lent, Holy Week, etc.) dependent on the Easter Date are calculated accordingly.

Additionally, we offer a narrowly Orthodox Calendar (Ex2012) without most of the popular Saints and yet geared to the public worship of the Orthodox parishes. And so three Church Calenders for 2012:

  1. Western Easter date West2012
  2. Byzantine Easter / Revised Julian fixed dates (not Old Calendar) Byz2012
  3. Orthodox AWRV Exclusive of most Saints Ex2012

The “Complete Church Calendar” is a wonderful teaching device for children to learn the richness of the Church Year in her Saints and Feasts and Fasts. We entirely recommend the Saints as good companions through this life. Ora pro nobis.

The “Exclusive Calendar” Ex2012, is a safe guide for Orthodox clergy who plan the parochial Ordo for parish Liturgies and Events.

Each full page is 8.5 x 11 inches or twice the size of the sample provided on the website.

Costs: $ 10.00 each plus $ 2.00 S/H each to USA postal addresses and may be purchased through the PayPal link ( with Credit Cards or a PayPal account.

In bulk quantity of twenty (20) or more $ 6.00 each plus $ 10.00 S/H total no matter how many. You may mix & match the above Calendars to reach or exceed the bulk number, 20 Calendars. For the bulk price on twenty or more Calendars please order by letter and a cheque to:

LA Press, PO BOX 460186
Glendale, CO 80246