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2012 Paschal Greetings from Bishop Alexander

His Grace Bishop Alexander writes:


Beloved Clergy and Faithful of the Diocese of Ottawa, Eastern Canada and Upstate New York:

Greetings and blessings on this Feast of Feasts! I share with you what St. Gregory the Theologian writes concerning the Resurrection of Christ:

     On this Great Day Christ is called from among the dead which He had emulated. On this day, He repelled death's sting, laid low the gloomy confines of hell, and granted freedom to the souls. On this day, risen from the tomb, He appeared to people for whom He had been born, had died, and been awakened from the dead, so that we, having been reborn and escaped death, might be resurrected with Him, the Resurrected One. On this bright glorious and great day, the angelic hosts, filled with joy, sing a song of victory.

On this glorious Feast of the Resurrection of Christ I embrace you and cry out with you: Christ is risen! ! ا ق حيسملا م Christ est Ressuscité! Christos Anesti!

May the joy of the Resurrection of Christ fill your hearts and those of your loved ones for many years to come.

Have a blessed Pascha!

In the risen Christ,


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