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60 Minutes Focuses on Plight of Christians in the Holy Land

A 60 Minutes episode on the shrinking population of Christians in the Holy Land aired on Sunday, April 22. Reporter Bob Simon reported on the slow exodus from the Holy Land of the Christian population, and examined the causes underlying the flight. The report is now available for viewing on the 60 Minutes website.

Dr. Maria Khoury and other prominent Christians in the Holy Land were involved with CBS for nearly a year in creating the report. An Orthodox author and resident of Israel, Dr. Khoury has been a tireless champion for human rights for Christians in the Middle East. She divides her time between her homes in Boston and the village of Taybeh, traveling throughout the world to present the public with information about the dwindling Christian community in Palestine. On 60 Minutes Overtime, Dr. Khoury explains that Taybeh is the last Christian village in the Holy Land.