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"60 Minutes" Inspired by Tour of St. George Byzantine Church

From Dr. Maria Khoury’s blog entry:

60 Minutes came last May to see where the Lord lay. My nephew Canaan Khoury, Harvard Class 2013, was interviewed for this program. I have helped with the background information for the last four years and I highly trust 60 Minutes and wanted to share the following message from the producers.

Just in case anyone missed it, here is the link to "60 Minutes Overtime" story about Taybeh:

Dr. Maria Khoury asks, “Please ask your friends and community to view and thank CBS producers. Please consider leaving positive comments supporting Bob Simon and Harry Radcliffe on the CBS website who exercised a high degree of courage. I literally view this program as a checkpoint for Israel. This is a breakthrough in mass media of a voice in the wilderness.”

Dr. Maria Khoury’s blog: