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AFR Launches The Cambridge Orthodox Forum

The new podcast Cambridge Orthodox Forum: Lectures delivered in Cambridge, UK at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, recently launched on Ancient Faith Radio (AFR).

The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies (IOCS), the pan-Orthodox house for theological studies in the ancient university city of Cambridge, England, is presenting this selection of lectures delivered by a number of distinguished scholars for the Institute’s degree course. The series of lectures will address a variety of themes while trying to address questions of great relevance for the world of today. The first lectures will be:

1. What is Theology?

Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, renowned Orthodox author, former Spalding Lecturer in Eastern Orthodox Studies at the University of Oxford and one of the Directors of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, explores the Orthodox vision of theology.

2. The sources of Theology.

Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, futher explores the foundation of Eastern theology and its historical roots in the writings of the fathers and the Orthodox life.

3. The "Neo-patristic synthesis."

Metropolitan Kallistos Ware addresses the question whether Florovsky’s programme of a ‘Neo-patristic synthesis’ is still viable in contemporary theology.

4. Theodicy and the Book of Job

Dr. Christine Mangala Frost has lectured widely on comparative religion and is a published novelist with two books to her name exploring the consequences of religious belief for human action. She is currently working on a study comparing and contrasting Hindu and the Christian Orthodox beliefs. Here she presents a reflection on the theme of theodicy in relation to the Book of Job.

5. A Suffering God

Dr. Christine Mangala Frost presents an exploration and a series of reflections on the services of the Holy Week.

Listen to the new podcast here.