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AGAIN Releases Winter Issue: Remembering the Cries of the Poor

again-winterConciliar Press has released the Winter issue of AGAIN, including a special interview with Fr. David Rucker, Associate Director of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center; a reflection on the work of The Raphael House, an Orthodox home for the needy in San Francisco; and Conflicted Hearts: Orthodox Christian Social Justice in an Age of Globalization, by John Couretas of the American Orthodox Institute.

“In short, on the matter of economic globalization, Orthodox Christian leaders have been deeply conflicted. And today, as the world knits itself closer together through international trade and Internet-enabled communications, economics are almost always at the root of any discussion of “social justice”—whether the particular issue be health care, labor, the environment or immigration.”

This article is available in full online. Click here to read the rest.

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