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Antiochian Women Hold Christmas Dinner in Montreal

The Antiochian Women of the three churches of Montreal, St. Nicholas, St. George and St. Mary, recently joined together in fellowship to celebrate the Christmas season at a new Arabic restaurant. It was time to join together in a beautiful evening, where the three presidents conducted the festivities in three languages: Arabic, French and English. There were plenty of games and laughter, and the spirit was one of joy and relaxation, especially after our long fall season of baking, bazaars, and banquets!

It was wonderful to witness all the ladies working together during the weeks before Christmas, preparing ilbee (wheat) for St. Barbara's Day, cleaning nuts and kneading dough, preparing intricate designs on the folded little treasures of shortbread containing pistachios and dates, setting out the booths of jewelry and designer bathrobes, lingerie, dresses, children's wear, hand-designed jewelry and artifacts to make a very eclectic and fun bazaar and Christmas season. A season to pray, play and work together!