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Antony Bashir: Metropolitan and Missionary

St. Vladimir's Seminary Press (SVS Press) recently released a third volume in its Orthodox Profiles Series titled Antony Bashir: Metropolitan and Missionary. The biography, written by noted Antiochian pastor and lecturer Very Rev. Economos Constantine Nasr, "is a fascinating look behind the scenes at an important period of history in the establishment of the Orthodox faith in America," notes SVS Press.

Fr. Constantine is the ninth generation of his family to be ordained to the priesthood, and he knew Metropolitan Antony personally, so he writes as an eyewitness. Explains the Press, "The complex personality of Antony Bashir and the events that surrounded his episcopacy reveal his frailty, humanity, and his ability to lead with strength and love." Metropolitan Philip is quoted in the book as remembering his predecessor's "brilliance, his oratory gift, and his sense of humor. This man was really a master of the word. He knew how to express himself. When he delivered a speech, he could make you cry and he could make you laugh at the same time. He spoke in very, very penetrating words."

Read an excerpt from Antony Bashir--Metropolitan & Missionary.