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Article II: Membership and Jurisdiction

Section 1.             

This Archdiocese consists of all dioceses,  churches, missions, parishes,  monasteries, departments, agencies,  orders, societies and committees in North America (“units”) heretofore or hereafter established by the Archdiocese of North America.


Section 2.           

This Archdiocese shall remain one, indivisible Archdiocese and may not be divided into separate Archdioceses by vote, action, decree, mandate, or in any other way by any person, body, organization, church, or otherwise.


Section 3.           

Upon the dissolution or separation from the Archdiocese of any unit, the assets and property shall revert to the Archdiocese.  No real property of any unit may be sold or mortgaged without the express written approval of the Metropolitan Archbishop and no assets in excess of $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars) of any unit may be sold or mortgaged without the express written approval of the Metropolitan Archbishop.


Section 4.           

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Sections 2 and 3 of this Article cannot be amended, altered, or changed.  The sole exception to this section would be such amendments, alterations or changes that would be necessary to implement Orthodox unity in North America.


Section 5.           

This constitution, including Sections 2 and 3 of this Article, constitute a contract between the units of the Archdiocese and the Archdiocese.  The Uniform Parish Constitution sent to the parishes by the Archdiocese, and the constitution of any unit of the Archdiocese approved by the Metropolitan, to the extent not inconsistent with this Constitution, constitute a contract between such unit and the Archdiocese.  Any provision of any unit constitution that is in any way inconsistent with, or in conflict with any provision of this Constitution shall cause said provision of the unit constitution to be deemed void and of no effect.