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Article IV: Government

Section 1.            

The Constitution , By-laws, Holy Scripture, Sacred Tradition, Holy Canons, and the Constitution of the Church of Antioch (to the extent not inconsistent herewith)  shall be the governing code for this Archdiocese.


Section 2.           

The Local Synod, comprised of the Metropolitan and the Diocesan Bishops shall be the governing ecclesiastical authority of the Archdiocese.  The Metropolitan shall preside over the Local Synod.  The Local Synod shall determine the number of dioceses, their boundaries, and the respective diocese(s) and/or area of responsibility of each bishop.  It shall also determine all matters of hierarchical discipline of bishops of the Archdiocese.  Such a bishop shall have the right to appeal any decision of the Local Synod involving a matter of hierarchical discipline against him, to the Patriarch and Holy Synod of Antioch.


Section 3.            

All administrative authority is vested in the Metropolitan Archbishop and the Archdiocese Board of Trustees as hereinafter provided.


Section 4.            

All legislative authority is vested in the general convention of the Archdiocese as approved by the Metropolitan Archbishop.