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Bible Story Children’s Book

Ages: Middle School – High School


  • Plain white paper or pre-made blank booklets – click here for purchase information
  • Brass brads (if not using pre-made blank booklet)
  • Pencils, crayons, colored pencils, markers, and/or watercolors
  • Orthodox Study Bibles
  • Notebook paper


  1. Have the students choose a story from the Bible that is not as well known to small children.
  2. On notebook paper, the students can write the Bible story in easy to read and understand language for a younger elementary age student. You may want to have examples of picture book Bible stories for reference.
  3. Transfer the story into the booklet, illustrating each page appropriately. The students can use their creativity in their illustrations by either drawing, coloring, painting, etc.
  4. Once the books are finished, the older students can visit the classrooms of the younger children and read their completed books.


  • This project could be done in pairs or small groups.
  • The class could instead make one book, with each student taking one or several pages.
  • The class could make one book with many short stories, with each student doing a one page story and illustration.