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Choir/Chanter Appreciation Sunday is Dec. 8

By Christopher Holwey, Department of Sacred Music Chairman

Read Metropolitan Philip's letter of support for Choir/Chanter Appreciation Sunday

On December 8th, the second Sunday of the month, our Antiochian Archdiocese will be celebrating Choir/Chanter Appreciation Sunday. While we appreciate our choir and chanters many other times throughout the year, for all the liturgical services they beautify and make possible with their singing and chanting, this is one Sunday that we especially acknowledge them particularly throughout the Archdiocese, and thank them for their ministry in the parish.

I’ve often been asked what we can for them on that Sunday? Here's some suggestions:

  • have the parish sing “Many years” to them
  • host a special coffee hour in their honor
  • invite one of them to offer the homily or a short talk on music in the Church
  • use it as a time to focus on music as a ministry, inviting others to join the choir or learn chanting 

You could also remind them that we have a Department of Sacred Music in the Archdiocese that offers many opportunities to grow in our understanding of sacred music through our Sacred Music Institutes held each at the Village and out west, or through our yearly workshops in our dioceses and parishes and conferences; that we have music available for small and large choirs, chanters, children and teens; and that we have a Sacred Music Coordinator in each of our dioceses who is willing and able to help with all of this.

So, thank you for whatever you might do for your choir and chanters and however you wish to honor them. If you need any further information, or help at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me, or one of our Diocesan Coordinators. Also, please remember that our next Sacred Music Institute will be held at St. Luke Orthodox Church, Garden Grove, CA, from February 20-23, 2014.

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