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Classical Learning Center Doubles Enrollment Again

Anne Van Fossen, M.A., of the Classical Learning Resource Center, writes:

"For the last three years, the Classical Learning Resource Center has focused on teaching live, real-time, online classes in Classical Greek and Latin. We’ve emerged as one of the best online sources available for Latin and Greek instruction. Our student body has approximately doubled for the third year in a row and our new students are just as engaged, inquisitive, and generally delightful as those continuing from last year!

The Classical Learning Resource Center is beginning to gear up for fall of 2012. We’re planning to offer several new classes and part of the purpose of this newsletter is to see how much interest there is in these new course offerings. We’ll continue with our full program of Greek and Latin classes with Latin 4 Kids classes for elementary school and the full 4 year sequence of Latin I, II, III, IV and Greek I, II, III, IV for middle school and high school students and adults. If you haven’t taken a Greek or Latin class with the Classical Learning Resource Center yet we encourage you to begin in 2012.

In addition to our core Greek and Latin classes, we have a talented former college level philosophy professor, Mr. Matthew Gallatin, teaching two of our upper level high school classes – Critical Thinking and God and the Philosophers. As one of our parents wrote last year “these are exactly the kinds of classes that are so needed today before our children head off to college”. We couldn’t agree more. You’ll find full descriptions of these classes here and also here.

This year we are also pleased to announce that we’ll be adding a new teacher to the CLRC faculty, Miss Kiernan Schroeder, to teach two classes on writing and literary analysis. She’ll be teaching for the CLRC while working on a M.A. in Shakespeare Studies at King's College, the University of London. Kiernan graduated summa cum laude from Hillsdale College with a B.A. in English and has had 5 years of experience teaching writing both at Hillsdale and as a 6th grade teacher.

For fall 2012 Miss Schroeder is offering a literature and composition class for 7th – 9th graders as their first introduction to serious academic writing and literary analysis. Students will read works of Dickens, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Shakespeare and others. They will learn the fundamentals of structure and style for argumentative writing and will also practice writing descriptive paragraphs, creative essays, and poems.

She is also offering a high school level class in American Literature including works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Henry David Thoreau, Mark Twain and others. The class will involve both weekly discussion and writing assignments.

CLRC online classes are live, interactive, and available to anyone with internet access. You’ll find detailed course descriptions, faculty bios, class schedules, and more on the Classical Learning Resource Center website.