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"Come Receive the Light" Focuses on Faith and Family

"Come Receive the Light,"  the flagship podcast of the Orthodox Christian Network (OCN), is running a series in May about Orthodox parenting. Notes Father Chris Metropulos, OCN's Executive Director, "I don't know about you but I never took a course in parenting either in high school or college but I did learn a great deal from my parents and I must confess I am learning about it every day as I watch our six children and now two grandchildren grow and mature."

The scheduled topics are:


May 4

Speaker: Dr. Philip Mamalakis

Topic: Parenting with a Purpose

This week, we begin our monthly theme of parenting with Dr. Philip Mamalakis. What is the relationship between our parenting and our faith? Dr. Mamalakis reflects on the connection between the Divine Liturgy and our everyday parenting goals, like getting kids to bed on time. 

May 11

Speaker: Dr. Nick Yphantides

Topic: Fueling our Kids to Excel

When does our journey of parenting begin? Hear what Orthodox doula Maria Armstrong thinks. Plus, how can we fuel our kids to succeed in life? Dr. Nick Yphantides talks about the connection of food to our children’s physical, mental and even emotional health.

May 18

Speaker: Dr. Allena Barbato

Topic: Self-Expression and Self-Esteem

We continue our month-long look at parenting with Dr. Allena Barbato, who will offer some guidance about children and self-expression. Where should we encourage our kids to express themselves, and where do we draw the line? 

May 25

Speaker: Dr. Ary Christofidis

Topic: Respect your Parents: Not Just for Kids!

In our final episode on parenting, author Calee Lee explains the inspiration behind her latest book, A Necklace of Virtues. Then, Dr. Ary Christofidis tackles the difficult topic of how to respect our parents when they do things we find morally objectionable, especially when we have to explain their decisions to our own children.

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