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Creation Timeline

Ages: 4 and up

You may adapt to do this in several sessions or a as a year-long project.


  • White paper plates- can be small dessert, luncheon or dinner plates
  • Children’s scissors
  • Markers and crayons
  • Plain white paper
  • Plain colored bulletin board border (can be purchased in teacher supply store, Staples or Office Depot, Office Max, or make your own out of construction paper)
  • Masking tape
  • Paste or glue stick


  1. After reading and discussing the story of Creation, have students color each day’s creation on the center of a paper plate with markers or crayon. Younger students can tell you what they wish to draw, have you draw in pencil, then they can trace and color. Or, you may search for a line drawing/coloring sheet online.
  2. When finished, students can cut the outer border of the plate, so that it lies flat, or decorate the border.
  3. On the classroom wall, horizontally line up and tape a single strip of bulletin border.
  4. Have students place their plates in order of Creation. Then tape them to the wall above the border.
  5. Label each day with marker and tape or paste the label to the border.

You may wish to keep this going as a unit or timely class project by adding Old and New Testament story plates which summarize the story. Students can label the story on the border. This makes a great year-long review.

Creation Timeline (Word)438 KB