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Department of Christian Education Offers Lenten Resources

Lenten refrigerator projectLenten refrigerator projectThe Antiochian Archdiocese Department of Christian Education is offering a variety of creative and helpful resources for families and Church schools this Lenten season.

Family Activities for the Lenten Journey details one family's successful use of the kitchen refrigerator as a message and teaching board. In the Department's Featured Program section, a plethora of resources from various jurisdictions and publishers are listed, from board games to classroom handouts to teen "zines." 

In A Lenten Message for All Orthodox Teens, kids are encouraged to reflect on Lent's meaning and embrace the journey to Pascha. The Sundays of Lent and the days of Holy Week are explained simply and briefly, and then many "Practical Suggestions for a Change" are outlined.

Visit the Department of Christian Education's site for these Lenten resources and more.