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Fr. Joseph Antypas Releases "Reflections on The Kingdom of God"

Father Joseph Antypas in his book, has dealt with very important pastoral and theological issues…(he) is serious in his writing. I recommend this book to all members of our clergy and laity.

His Eminence Metropolitan Philip

The V. Rev. Archpriest Joseph Antypas of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Troy, Michigan, has released the book Reflections on The Kingdom of God, as Experienced in the Local ParishFr. Joseph has been a faculty member in the Antiochian House of Studies, and a mentor at St. Stephen Course of Theological Studies.

Reflections consists of four chapters dealing with theological and pastoral topics as follows: 1) Emulating Christ's Life of the Kingdom, 2) A time to build our souls and bodies, 3) the modes of Christian being and 4) sharing the glory of the Kingdom. Each chapter is broken down into short, focused articles, making it easy to pick up in spare moments.

In his book, Father Joseph presents a reflective and deep style and discusses the Orthodox view of the Kingdom of God in two-dimensional directions, theological and pastoral aspects. Fr. Joseph stresses the fact that theology should be pastoral and therefore the theological understanding of the kingdom of God must lead us to practice and live this kingdom on Earth and the light of this kingdom in all aspects of our lives.

The kingdom of God is the end by itself and achieving it is our goal. Every other aspect of the Orthodox spirituality are means that must lead to this end; if we ignore this end (the kingdom of God) and focus only on the means then we become “hostages to forms and appearances.”

Fr. Joseph is successful in his discussion to harmonically discuss the theological aspects of the Kingdom of God and link them the pastoral interpretation of the church, using his rich and long academic work and pastoral ministry experiences. This collection of reflections is a valuable resource for both clergy and laity and is a must read. It is certainly a great addition to our English Orthodox writings in general and to our Antiochian publications in particular. The book will be available at St. George Church by calling (248) 589-0480, at the Archdiocese Bookstore and will soon be available through the St. Vladimir's Seminary Press bookstore.