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Fr. Peter Gillquist to Retire as Head of Department of Missions and Evangelism, Fr. Michael Keiser Appointed as New Head

Fr. Michael KeiserFr. Michael KeiserEffective December 31, 2011, Fr. Peter Gillquist will retire as the Head of the Archdiocese Department of Missions and Evangelism, and Fr. Michael Keiser is appointed as the new Head of this Department.

We extend our most heartfelt thanks to Fr. Peter Gillquist for the exemplary service which he has given to this effort for more than 23 years. It is safe to say that the entire missions program of this Archdiocese has been founded by his efforts, and his work leaves a strong base upon which we can build. We also acknowledge Khourieh Marilyn Gillquist for the support which she has given over these many years.

We pray that our Lord will grant Fr. Peter, Khourieh Marilyn, and their entire family every blessing. Fr. Peter will be called upon as a special missions consultant where it is clear that his experience and expertise can continue to assist this effort.

Fr. Michael Keiser is certainly no stranger to missions work within this Archdiocese, having served as a member of the Missions Department for more than 15 years, and previously having served as a regional Missions Coordinator. He has been instrumental in the formation, and care of numerous missions in this Archdiocese over the years. We ask the Almighty Lord to continue to bless his efforts on behalf of the missions of this Archdiocese.

Fr. John Finley will continue as a mission priest and full member of this Department. We extend our appreciation for his long and dedicated service to this Department and ask our Lord to likewise continue to bless his efforts.

As a part of the reorganization of this department, the administrative support will move to the Archdiocese Headquarters in Englewood, New Jersey, and will be overseen by Fr. George Kevorkian. In light of this, the current Administrator, Mr. Howard Lange, will complete his duties effective January 31, 2012. We sincerely thank Howard for his dedicated service to this department and wish him every blessing from the Lord.

Finally, the duties of the Hierarchical Overseer for this department will be taken up by His Grace Bishop Nicholas as he assumes his new duties at the Archdiocese Headquarters.

This position was previously held by His Grace Bishop Antoun, and we thank him for all of the years of service that he gave to the formation and nurturing of the missions of this Archdiocese and ask our Lord to grant him Many Years!