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Groundbreaking SVS Press Biography of Metropolitan Antony Bashir to be Released

St. Vladimir's Press is now taking orders for a new biography about Metropolitan Antony Bashir, the visionary Orthodox leader who was Metropolitan Philip's predecessor. Authored by Fr. Constantine Nasr, the book is the third volume in the Press'  Orthodox Profiles series. Fr. Constantine explains that "the election of Metropolitan Antony Bashir in 1936 gave birth to the Antiochian Archdiocese....The turbulent years of the splintering of immigrant orthodoxy into multiple ethnic jurisdictions are all but forgotten today. This is a behind the scenes look at a metropolitan who brought order out of chaos, as he fought for a single archdiocese for Arabic-speaking Christians in America, and laid a foundation upon which others would achieve the unity he so desperately sought."

Metropolitan Philip once said of Metropolitan Antony, "No eulogy, no speech and no lecture are sufficient to describe the greatness of the Prince of the Church. When, in the future, historians will write the history of Orthodoxy in America, the name of Metropolitan Antony Bashir will shine like the stars in the heavens." Concludes SVS Press "The history of the faith cannot be written without understanding the contributions that Antony Bashir made to the foundation and framework of the Orthodox faith in America." 

Download order form for Antony Bashir: Metropolitan and Missionary.

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