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Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Santa Fe Purchases Community House

Bethany House, Santa Fe, New MexicoBethany House, Santa Fe, New MexicoKiera Hay, Albuquerque Journal North reporter, writes:

It’s not a monastery. It’s not a retreat.

Rather, Holy Trinity Orthodox Church’s new Bethany House, located on an acre of prime Cordova Road real estate in Santa Fe, is an intentional community.

It’s for “people who have embraced the Orthodox faith,” who have committed to “living in prayer and with the church” and want to form meaningful relationships with each other, Holy Trinity’s Very Rev. John Bethancourt said.

Intentional communities are relatively common across both the religious and secular spectrum as places where like-minded people can live around certain ideals and goals.

For Holy Trinity, Bethany House is where unmarried members of the church can create a deeper sense of community and faith.

“Oftentimes, that’s what single people feel they’re missing,” Bethancourt said.

Holy Trinity purchased the 3,000 square foot ranch-style house on Cordova next to the church last month. The house is in good condition and Holy Trinity will only need to make minor alterations.

Plans call for dividing the five-bedroom dwelling into male and female quarters, each section fully equipped with its own kitchen, common areas and bathrooms. A small chapel will be held in common.

The community will be called Bethany House, named after the city where the biblical siblings Mary, Martha and Lazarus (whom Jesus raised from the dead) lived.

Read the full article from the Tuesday, May 29, 2012 edition of Journal North.