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IOCC Sunday Emphasizes Charity During Thanksgiving Season

Download IOCC Thanksgiving Prayer Card

On Sunday, November 18, as families head into the Thanksgiving holiday, parishes will be remembering the needy on the International Orthodox Christian Charity's (IOCC) "A Day of Sharing." The Assembly of Canonical Bishops of North and Central America has issued an Encyclical calling on Orthodox Christians to support the work of IOCC, especially on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, thus remembering the less fortunate.

"Through IOCC’s close work with the Church," noted the statement, "Greek families are receiving hot meals and medical care; Bosnian entrepreneurs are using micro loans to create jobs and community prosperity, and Zimbabwe’s babies have a fighting chance to reach their fifth birthday because of new medical equipment and adequate medicine to treat infections. We call on you now to share your abundance, heeding the words of St. Paul to 'look out not only for our own interests, but also for the interests of others' (Philippians 2:4)."

The IOCC suggests the following observances for "A Day of Sharing:"

  • Make a generous donation to support the humanitarian work of IOCC.
  • Become a volunteer for IOCC.
  • Become a Parish Representative.
  • Participate in an IOCC event.
  • Pray for all those in need.

Download publicity material and read more suggestions and information.

Download the Sunday Bulletin Insert.

Read and download the Assembly of Bishops Encyclical.

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