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January 2012 Newsletter: Nativity Icon

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

We received this letter from one of our prisoner-students. It arrived unexpectedly and speaks to a heart filled with the Joy of the Lord and His Nativity. We thank him and the many students who found the time to send us Christmas letters and cards. Our program is helping the Lord in finding many of the lost sheep seeking His Light. Please help us as we help each other in doing the Lord’s work. Your prayers and donations are being well served.

Dear Paul and Anastasia,

The top of the icon is of gold, reminding us of the eternal glory of the Lord’s Kingdom (Luke 2:9). We also see the darkness being overcome by the inspired Light of the star pointing to His birth (Num. 24:17; Matt. 2:2). The 3 rays of light radiating from the star, speak to the One Light of the Holy Trinity, bringing enlightenment to this fallen world (John 1:5, 9). To the left, are the three Magi who followed the star to the Child (Isaiah 60:5-7; Psalm 72:10,11; Matthew 2:1-11).

See the attached PDF files for this month's full teaching and to order the study booklets.

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